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Business English Mini Group

Business English Mini Group course is designed to help you make maximum progress in a short time. You will study in a small class of only six students.



Intermediate to Advanced

Course start dates
  • Every Monday

Lessons per week

20 lessons per week = 15 hrs per week; 30 lessons per week = 22.5 hours per week

1 lesson = 45 minutes
Available In
Maximum in Class


This course is suitable for students who

  • are 30+
  • are Intermediate to Advanced level.
  • want to learn the language of business
  • want to improve your career.
  • prefer small class sizes with a maximum of six students.


What can you expect on this course?

More individual attention

Studying in a more intimate class of just six students creates a strong class dynamic and allows you to spend more time in direct contact with your teacher.

Your specific linguistic needs will be identified, monitored and met by your teacher, allowing for more personal encouragement, feedback and help.

Flexible and personal
Fewer class members and creative, responsive teachers allow lessons to take a natural flow. As you feel an increased sense of participation and motivation, your course will adapt to cover the language areas and skills that you need to focus on.

Improve fluency quickly and effectively
The flexibility of our teachers combined with a small class size means lessons can progress at a faster pace. You will improve your ‘thinking time’, in terms of listening, comprehending and responding, which are essential for your fluency.

Smaller classes, more confidence
In a smaller group you will enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere and stronger relationships within your class. Your confidence will grow as you feel safe and secure, with more opportunities to interact with your classmates and teacher.

Topics relevant to you

Mini Group 20/30 is a flexible course and may include any area of the English language. Lessons will be tailored to the interests and linguistic needs of your particular group.

Business Mini Group can also adapt to the particular group. Items of language may include:

  • Telephone English
  • The language of business meetings
  • Giving presentations
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Writing professional reports, emails and letters