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The Orange Carpet Experience

Our commitment to students 

The Orange Carpet Experience is about making each student feel special, from the very moment they book a course until months after departure.

With access to EC Online before arrival, a personal welcome on arrival and on to events designed to let you get to know your teachers and fellow students – we make sure all students feel like VIPs.

Setting you up for success before you even get here

Our dedicated student platform, MyEC, is available for students to use as soon as their booking is confirmed for their placement test, info on classes and accommodation, self-study exercises, activities and more. 

Updated materials

We have created a bank of collateral, revised emails, a dynamic booklet and other materials to share.

Making you feel at home

Travelling to a new country alone can be daunting. We have detailed info on the airport students will arrive at and instructions on being taken to their accommodation plus a welcome pack for their home from home.

New welcome pack

Detailed information on accommodation, what is expected and tips on the city are included in this comprehensive info pack.

Helping you fulfil your language dreams

All students take a placement test to check their level so they can be placed in the right class on arrival at school.

Achieving Goals

We work with students to set goals and give weekly feedback to help them to achieve them. When students attend classes and complete homework, we guarantee they will improve a level every 8 weeks. An exit test results in a certificate of achievement.

We're here to support you

We’ve added to our communications toolkit and have materials that cover informative to fun eventualities. Competitions, posters and even cards to celebrate special occasions are available to every school.

New Communications Toolkit

The new toolkit brings the best practice across all our schools and communicates the opportunity to perhaps become student ambassadors, win extra tuition, have regular reviews with teachers and win student of the month too.

See you next time, never goodbye

When the course is over, it doesn’t mean the learning journey is. We celebrate each and every student’s achievement with a graduation ceremony.

Graduation and beyond

Before leaving an exit test is planned and a certificate showing the level achieved, which is recognised by governments and education institutions, is given. We give students tips to not forget and to continue learning too and encourage them to follow our socials to this end!
The Student Guide
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With you every step of the way