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Embassy Toronto Day Programme

York University

Quick facts

Location: York University

Dates available: 08 Jul – 02 Aug

Ages: 12 – 18

Accommodation: Not Included

Emergency Number: +1 438 803 7400

Our Toronto centre is located at York University about 30 minutes by metro from the city centre. The subway stop is located on campus and a five minute walk from the residence. This central location, on a modern university campus, provides a perfect base for a Canadian summer school experience. Our programme offers students language classes with a fun and dynamic activities programme we call active learning. The activities offer a balance of sports, cultural activities, tourist attractions and workshops. 


This programme does NOT include accommodation. We recommend that parents book accommodation within easy reach to York University

Food Options


  • Not included



  • Two courses, 3 options including a vegetarian option.
    Packed lunches (provided at weekends): water, fruit, sandwich, crisps and biscuits/cake


Evening Meal

  • Not included



Vending machines, coffees shops and a shopping mall are located in the campus for drinks and confectionery.

Meals served in large self-service dining hall in residence building or in the university food court.


  • Indoor and outdoor basketball courts
  • Ball fields
  • Gymnasium (upon request)
  • Indoor pool (upon request)


  • Taught by friendly and professional English and French teachers
  • 20 x 45-minute lessons per week morning
  • Placement test on day 1 to ensure students in appropriate level
  • Maximum 17 students per class
  • Students will be placed in an international class with mstudents of different nationalities
  • Spacious air-conditioned classrooms
  • Curriculum with emphasis on communication skills
  • Course materials included as well as an end of course report and certificate



Students will be welcomed upon arrival at the Embassy Summer office where they will register and get their room keys so that they can check into their rooms.


On the first evening there will be a welcome activity which is designed to ensure students have the opportunity to meet staff and other students and get to know more about the campus, its facilities and useful information which will help them during their stay.


Activities are organised in-between lessons and during evenings. These activities could be on-site or near to the centre. These may include:

  • Sports such as football, mini Olympics, volleyball and basketball
  • Drama and performance activities such as scavenger hunts and drama workshops
  • Evening activities such as karaoke, talent show, team games and Downtown Toronto by night walking tours
Excursions and Trips

Our students get to explore exciting places in and around Toronto such as the Ontario Science Center, Casa Loma, High Park, Royal Ontario Museum and Kensington Market.


Downtown Toronto: Canada’s largest city, students explore bustling downtown Toronto and visit the CN Tower

Toronto Island: Students take a ferry to the island and enjoy a nice picnic

Toronto Botanical Gardens: Featuring 17 beautiful gardens to explore, a lovely environment to visit.


Canada’s Wonderland: An impressive theme park with over 70 rides including 16 roller-coasters.

Baseball game: The Toronto Blue Jays play at their impressive home stadium.

Niagara Falls: World-renowned waterfalls on the US-Canadian border, with a visit to an outlet shopping mall included.

Toronto Zoo: Canada’s premier zoo known for its interactive education and conservation activities


2 Week Sample Programmes


Each 14-night stay will include 10 half-day trips to exciting places around Montreal such as the Museum of Fine Arts, Pointe a Calliere Museum and Mount Royal. It also includes full-day excursions to Quebec, Ottawa, Mont-Trembant and Six Flags Amusement Park. Transport for trips may be by private coach or public transport.

This programme is for illustrative purposes and activities and visits may change.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning Welcome Arrivals Testing, Orientation and Lessons Lessons Lessons Lessons Lessons Explore Canada Downtown or Optional Full-Day Excursion to Niagara Falls with Outlet Shopping
afternoon Eaton Centre Mall shopping/ Explore the Harborfront & Toronto Music Garden or optional Trip to: Toronto Zoo or Broadway Matinee Welcome Party and Social York Campus Tour & Scavenger Hunt ES Led Tour of Nathan Philiips Sq & Dundas Square Visit St. Lawrence Market & Old Town Visit to the Ontario Science Center Visit & Explore Casa Loma
Evening Exploring High Park Sports or Activity Club Including ‘Getting to Know You’ Trivia Game Optional activity: Broadway Show Supper in the City & ARGO Art Gallery of Ontario and Exploting Nearby Sports, Activity club, Concert in Toronto Music Gardens Pizza Night & Graduation Party On-site activities
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning Yorkdale Shopping or Tour York Botanical Gardens or optional trip: Canada’s Wonderland. Lessons Lessons Lessons Lessons Lessons Full-day excursion: explore and Picnic at Toronto Island or optional Trip: Niagara Falls with Outlet Shopping
afternoon Welcome Party & Social Toronto Aquarium Visit Royal Ontario Museum Visit York University Library and Art Gallery with Photo Scavenger Hunt Distillary District Walking ES Led Tour Visit & Explore Casa Loma
Evening Trivia and Movie Night Sports, Activity Club with Arts & Crafts, Optional activity: Medieval Times Supper in the City & Visit to the CN Tower -Explore DT Toronto Sports, Activity club, Concert in Toronto Music Gardens Pizza Night & Graduation Party Karaoke night

Student Welfare

We place the highest priority on care and supervision at all of our Embassy Summer centres, so you can rest assured that students are well looked after.

Student Services

Our student support staff can help you with:

  • Accommodation
  • Airport transfers
  • Information about local services
  • Assistance with individual and personal problems
  • Emergency contact

Medical information

If a student needs medical attention an Embassy staff member will help make an appointment. Group leaders must accompany the student to an appointment. An Embassy staff member will accompany any student that is not part of a group. All costs have to be paid by the student. Students must have written consent from their parent or guardian for any medical treatment to be administered.

Humber River Hospital, 1235 Wilson Ave, Toronto, ON, M3M 0B2

If a student does not have insurance, Guard.Me International Insurance is available to purchase through Embassy Summer.

In case of emergency

A 24 hour emergency telephone number is available all summer:

+1 212 497 8343


EC Toronto
York University 4700 Keele St,
Toronto, ON M3J 1P3, Canada