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EC Los Angeles: Standard Homestay

Photos show samples of available rooms. Fixtures, fittings and sizes may vary.

Accommodation Includes

  • Bed linen provided
  • Internet access is available
  • Telephone access is restricted to incoming calls only
Type of Room
Single / Twin (Twin room only available for two students booking together)
Board Status
Bed & breakfast; Half board

Description of accommodation

Staying with a local family is a great way to immerse oneself into American culture. This interaction with a family helps students communicate and practice their English in a more relaxed environment whilst also exposing themselves to new experiences - be it lifestyle, local food or simple day to day routines.

Homes vary in type. Some homes are apartments, some are townhomes, and some are single family homes. Students are placed in a single or twin room. Each room is furnished with a bed, dresser and closet. Some rooms have TVs and other amenities. It is important that rooms and living areas are kept neat and tidy. Students also have access to a shared bathroom.

Bed linen and towels are provided by the host family. Some Los Angeles families do not have a washing machine in their home and use the services of a laundromat – this information will be included in the host family profile. In cases where families have a washing machine, students may use the laundry facilities although this remains at the discretion of each family.

Description of local area

Los Angeles County is sprawling and divided into various different areas that are full of character and personality. The cities of Los Angeles county are vibrant and culturally diverse. Our host families reflect the diversity of Los Angeles, and also include single people, couples and single-parent families. All families are fluent in English and eager to share the diversity of Los Angeles with international visitors.

Emergency Number

+1 310 710 2818


Throughout the year (could be on a room only basis)

Also available Academic Homestay :

Academic Homestay program and continue learning English with your host!

Features of this option are:

  •  At least one of the hosts is a qualified teacher
  •  Five one-to-one English lessons per week
  •  45-60 minutes by public transport from EC
  • One weekly excursion with host visiting local attractions, shopping, etc.
  • Host greeting at airport and transfer (additional fee applies)


Arrival and departure

  • Arrival Day: Saturday

  • Departure day: Saturday

Host Family Locations

Host families are located either in the city limits of Santa Monica or in adjacent cities. Some of the typical neighborhoods where host families live are: West Los Angeles, Westwood, Culver City, Marina del Rey, and Venice.

Journey to school

Host families are located about 30 - 75 minutes by public transport away from the school. Los Angeles’ major transport system is run by LA Metro, which operates buses and trains throughout Los Angeles County. Santa Monica Bus Lines operates the Big Blue Bus which offers service to and from Santa Monica, which is the service that the majority of EC students will use.

The Big Blue Bus adult fare is as follows:

  • local and mini bus is $1.00 per ride, express is $2.00 per ride, and $0.50 per transfer.
  • Day passes are $4.00 for both local and express service.
  • 13-Ride passes are available for $12.00 and must be purchased prior to boarding.
  • 30-Day passes are $60.00 for local bus service only and $80.00 for both local and express bus service.

Students who live in Culver City may find it more useful to purchase the monthly EZ pass for $84.00 which allows unlimited travel all around Los Angeles County without the hassle of buying transfers. The Culver City Bus adult fare as follows: local is $1.00 per ride and $0.25 per transfer.


  • Academic Homestay: $625 per week on half board basis


  • No smoking is permitted inside homes.
  • Families might have pets.
  • Students might be given a house key though alternative arrangements might be sought.
  • Bedrooms may or may not have locking doors.
  • Cooking facilities are not available for student use. However, the room only option provides additional flexibility for students who do not want to be restricted by meal times.
  • Host families are able to host up to 2 students from the same country at the same time. During high season they are able to host 3 students from the same country at the same time.
  • Academic homestays require 4 weeks notice for application.