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Young Achievers Montreal Teen Language Programme

EC Montreal’s Young Achievers programme is designed specifically for students ages 15 to 18 and aims to prepare students for their post-secondary studies and beyond.



Beginner to Advanced

Course Duration
Course duration:1 week minimum
Course start dates
  • Every Monday

Lessons per week
24 English and/or French lessons per week (18 hours
1 lesson = 45 minutes
Available In

This programme is suitable for students who

  • Aged 15 to 18
  • motivated to get prepared for their post-secondary studies and beyond

What can you expect on this programme?

In addition to learning French or English, the programme aims to prepare students for their post-secondary education by introducing them to different fields of study through the project based weekly themes. 
Students will be introduced to the world of health, business, art, fashion, politics, technology and so much more. The Young Achievers programme is 24 Lessons per week (General F/E + 4 Special Focus). 
This programme is ideal for students who have completed their secondary studies, are taking a gap year and want to improve their French or English skills or both.

We will introduce our students to many of our Canadian pathway partners. We will hold regular webinars for our students to attend. Our pathway manager will also speak to our students about the many different options available if they choose to pursue their studies in Canada.
The Young Achievers programme will include a 4 lesson per week special focus class. The class could be: 
1. An exam preparation course 
2. An educational outing
3. An academic writing course 
4. Any other project-based lessons

Programme Includes:

  • 24 English and/or French lessons per week (18 hours) 
  • Tuesday / Thursday classes will be linked to the projects