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English Plus Co-Op Programmes

´╗┐Our English Plus Co-Op programmes in Canada are designed to provide you with a professional learning experience. It combines learning in the classroom with practical work in a real business, giving you the opportunity to try out the theories learned in class. This is an invaluable opportunity for you to explore different business concepts, see how they work, and learn from the resutls.  

What can you expect on this programme?

Why choose English Plus Co-Op Programmes

  • A special partnership between EC and Colleges
  • Required English level Pre-Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate
  • No minimum amount of weeks required at EC
  • Each EC English level is 8 weeks
  • Chance to level up within 4 weeks
  • EC General English Certificate accepted
  • EC English courses start every Monday
  • Choose EC English or University Pathway Programme

Personal Service for students every step of the journey

Meet with your counsellors -

  • online before you leave your home country
  • on your first week
  • each month to track your progress 

Seamless Transition from EC to TSoM and CCTB

  • EC does all the work on your behalf 
  • Direct transfer to programs once proficiency level is attained
  • EC submits application and helps with registration
  • EC will arrange new orientation in first week


  • Agent receives commission from BOTH EC and TSOM/CCTB enrolments
  • Starting commission of 30% at TSOM and CCTB – can increase based on higher enrolments
  • Agent receives 100% of commission from all TSOM and CCTB enrolments

What an EC Plus Co-Op Program Looks Like

  • Enroll at EC Plus Co- Op Program
  • Apply for a Student Visa
  • Take the EC Placement test 4 weeks before the start date
  • Fly to Canada wih 15% off At Air Canada flights for EC students
  • Study English at EC and complete the level required
  • Start the Co-Op program. Starting the co- op program you can work part-time from their first day of class and full time during their breaks and vacation. After you successfully complete the academic term, you are required to complete a module of relevant work placement.

English Level
Reach the English level required with EC. Courses start every Monday and there's no minimum of required weeks.

Work & Study
You can work part-time from the first day of your Plus Co-Op class and full time during your breaks and vacation.

Work Placements

After you successfully complete the academic term, you are required to complete a module of relevant work placement.

Our Partners are:

Co-Op Visa requirements

Along with the study permit, international students who must participate in a mandatory co-op/internship/practicum/placement (i.e. one that is a requirement for their program) must apply for a co-op work permit.

This applies whether the work is on or off-campus, paid or unpaid, during the academic year or during the summer, and regardless of the number of hours involved.

The application for both is done together.

TSoM and CCTB will issue a conditional LOA.

Kindly click here to access English Plus Co-Op Programmes application form.
(One registration form for both schools )