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Personalised, Flexible English Programmes Ideal for Working People. Calling all you Digital Nomads, who have the flexibility to work from anywhere! Study 12 General English lessons per week combined with four private One-to-One lessons to focus on your individual language needs, plus optional Special Focus Classes to really maximise your time abroad. You’ll also have access to office space so that you can work at the same time as you’re studying.



Available for all levels

Course Duration
Minimum 1 week
Course start dates
  • Every Monday

Lessons per week
16 or 26 lessons per week

1 Lesson = 45 minutes

Available In

This course is suitable for students who

  • Don’t have the flexibility to take time off to study, but still need to improve their English
  • Wish to network with other like-minded students
  • Have very specific learning needs – we can tailor our teaching to your individual requests in your One-to-One lessons

What can you expect on this course?

Programme includes:

  • Needs Analysis completed on your first day of arrival to identify the areas you want to strengthen and have your One-to-One teacher assigned.
  • General English lessons in multinational classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday One-to-one lessons on Tuesday and Thursday to focus exactly on what you need
  • Free desk space on Tuesday and Thursday to stay connected with your work
  • Access to breakout room to relax, separate from the main school
  • One free Cambridge activity per week

Choose your option:

  • 12 General English Lessons + 4 One-to-One Lessons per week (16 lessons per week)
  • 12 General English Lessons + 10 Special Focus Classes* + 4 One-to-One Lessons per week (26 lessons per week)

*English for Work Special Focus Class Learn useful new language and vocabulary for the Englishspeaking workplace. Choose the Intensive option for ten English for Work lessons per week and feel more confident using Business English.

Premium Upgrade Option:
For a weekly supplement, you can get free tea and coffee in the lounge a pre-arrival counselling session with a member of the academic team a weekly coaching session with the academic team additional discounted One-to-Ones lessons

Executive programme for EC Cambridge