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EC New York: Standard Manhattan Shared Apartments

Photos show samples of available rooms. Fixtures, fittings and sizes may vary.

Accommodation Features

Room Facilities

Building Facilities

  • ATM in Building
  • Cleaning Service Provided
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Free-Wifi
  • Netflix


  • Cleaning of common areas is provided monthly for free. Students' rooms can be cleaned but costs money. Price to be confirmed at the time of the request
  • One washing machine and one dryer available free of charge. Students do not need to buy washing liquid
  • Luggage drop-off is not allowed. The student can leave their luggage in the common area
  • Utility bills are included
  • Kitchen utensils are provided
  • CCTV cameras in the common areas
  • A non-EC house manager is available for any housing concerns or needs
Room Type
Single / Twin*
*Only available for two students travelling together.
Smallest rooms are 70 square feet, and the largest rooms are around 140 square feet
Bathroom Type
Bathroom share ratio: 3:1
Board Status

Description of Local Area

Apartments are generally located in the Upper Manhattan Side or near Columbia University. Each location is close to parks, historic buildings, restaurants, and museums. Travel time to school is approximately 40 minutes.

Description of Accommodation

Kitchen and common areas are roomy compared to average New York City apartments, fully furnished open kitchen, and living area. Included in your accommodation is your bedroom, bed, utilities, Wi-Fi, move-in ready furniture, kitchen equipment and supplies, cleaning service, working space, security systems, and Netflix. 
Although there is no front desk or reception, a non-EC house manager is available for any housing concerns and needs.


Approximately 40 minutes from school.

Phone Number


Emergency Number


Arrival and departure

  • Arrival day: Saturday (Sunday arrival is allowed)
    Check-in: 3:00 PM – 12:00 AM (midnight)
    Early Check-in is allowed between 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM if house manager is available 
    Late Check-in is allowed between 12:00 AM – 9:00 AM if house manager is available Extra charge of $70 for checking-in at these times.

    If the student arrives out of the check-in hours he/she must let us know beforehand so we can coordinate the check-in with the residence.

    Profile will be sent approximately 4 weeks prior to arrival, and check-in instructions will be given 3-5 days prior, as long as flight information will be provided. Upon arrival house manager will be there for students. The arrival must be asked for in advance.



  • Departure day: Saturday
    Check-out: before 11:00
    Late Check-out is not allowed. 
    Student can leave their personal items in the common area

Journey to school

Approximately 40 minutes to the school by bus or subway


Cancellation prior to arrival

Students cancelling or postponing 14 days or less prior to their accommodation dates will be charged a two-week accommodation fee at the rate quoted in the price list for the accommodation booked and the accommodation placement fee.

Cancellation after arrival

Students leaving their accommodation must give notice in writing 4 weeks prior to termination. If the 4-week notice period is not provided a cancellation fee equal to 4 weeks of the accommodation cost will apply.  After deducting the price of accommodation used at the rate quoted in the price list, including the required notice period charged at the same rate, students will be refunded the remaining accommodation costs.

Airport Pickup

Booked an airport transfer? After immigration, follow these instructions

  • Collect your luggage
  • Pass through Customs
  • Go to the Welcome Center
  • WAIT for your driver at the Welcome Center (look for a sign with your name on it) NOTE: International transfers will arrive one hour after the flight lands and domestic arrivals will arrive 30 minutes after the flight lands to allow for the student to pass through Customs and successfully retrieve their luggage.
  • Don’t see a driver with a sign with your name on it?

    Call the EC Emergency phone line: +1 (202) 909-5873



Other ways to get to your residence

Uber, Lyft, or taxi

Arrival Procedures

Flight details are required in advance so EC can coordinate the check-in with the residence. Exact details on how to check-in will be provided 3-5 days before arrival. House manager will be there to greet the student and take them to their room.

House Rules

  • Students must be 18+ to choose this accommodation
  • Mixed Gender. Male and female students share common areas and facilities, but bedrooms are single gender
  • No deposit needed
  • Guests are allowed, but no overnight stay
  • Smoking is not permitted
  • Minimum stay 2 weeks
  • Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM – 10:00 AM (this is when guests are not allowed to be in the residence)
  • While we promote and support diversity, we cannot guarantee language mix. However, we always encourage students to use English to communicate, be respectful and inclusive of others
  • EC provides a clean living space for all students and expects a basic level of respect from all students. For example, if something is dropped, pick it up; do not leave clothes and belongings on the floor; place rubbish and leftovers in a garbage bag

For more accommodation terms please refer here