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DELF & DALF Exam Preparation

EC Montreal offers exam preparation courses for French proficiency tests DELF and DALF. By choosing this elective, students can improve their French language skills, learn test-taking strategies and enter their exam feeling confident and well-prepared.



Beginner to Upper Intermediate

Course Duration
4 -5 weeks
Course start dates
  • DELF:  
    B1 / B2 Pré-Intermédiaire Plus - Intermédiaire
    07 January - 01 February
    04 March - 29 March
    29April - 24 May
    01 July -26 July
    07 October - 01 November

    DALF C1: 

    01 April - 26 April
    05 August - 30 August
    04 November - 29 November

Lessons per week
30 Lessons (20 General French + 10 DELF/DALF)
45 min
Available In
Maximum in Class


What can you expect on this course?

The DELF/DALF preparation course helps students to improve all the skills needed for each paper of the exam (Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing) and to develop test-taking strategies for exam success.

General French course (20 lessons)
The DELF / DALF courses are exam preparation courses that are offered within our elective rubric. They are 4-5 weekes in duration / 10 lessons per week.

- If you wish to sit for the exam you must register directly with the exam centre. For exam dates and prices: click here

- If you don’t wish to sit for the exam, you may also choose this elective to gain extra focus on specific language skills through a more academic approach.

- If you are registered for an English core course may also register for the DELF / DALF elective if you have the required level of French. 

Or you can choose to register for the exam in your country at a time that is most convenient for you.