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Internships 2019 - in the UK

An internship will not only improve your English, but also help to develop your professional skills. This practical experience will ensure you stand out in a competitive work environment, and your CV will be greatly enhanced with the experience of living and working abroad.



UK: Upper Intermediate to Advanced

Course Duration
UK: 4 weeks - 3 months
Course start dates
  • Every Monday

Available In
Other Facts
  • Internships at EC London, Cambridge, Oxford and Brighton take place in London.
  • Internships at EC Bristol take place either in Bristol or London.
  • Students are monitored throughout the programme to ensure their satisfaction.

This course is suitable for students who

  • who want to improve their English through work experience and enhance their resume

What can you expect on this course?

General Internship Aims:

  • To provide practical work experience in companies for students and professionals
  • To enhance employment opportunities
  • To provide a means of increasing student awareness of international business culture and to improve business and interpersonal skills
  • To provide individuals with a means of improving existing language skills in a professional environment
  • To provide an individual with the means to improve business language and interpersonal communication skills and to meet individual requirements in terms of vocabulary extension within a specified vocational area


Internships allow students to improve their English in a specific profession, gain practical skills and increase their awareness of international business practices.

We provide the opportunity for students to gain unpaid work experience in a wide range of industries and occupations including: Sales & Marketing, Finance, PR & Advertising, Human Resources, Law, Engineering, Travel & Tourism, Hotel & Catering, Finance & Accounting, Insurance, Administration & Secretarial. Any requests in other vocational areas will always be considered.

Interview Process:

  • Students will receive their interview details prior to their placement start date.
  • If the student does not pass his/her initial interview with the company he/she will have a maximum of 2 interviews in which he/she will be provided with feedback.
  • If the student is unsuccessful we will provide him/ her with coaching and interview techniques in order to help him/her be successful in the next interview
  • If the student is unsuccessful in the interview because of his/her language abilities, we may offer a different internship sector. Alternatively, if the student is below the language level specified for the programme, he/she may receive replacement English lessons, which may incur an extra fee.
  • In exceptional circumstances ONLY we may offer 3 interviews.

The English Course
Before beginning their placement students will attend an English course, which provides a great opportunity for them to get used to life in a new country and helps them build their confidence using English before starting their internship. 

Minimum English course: 4 weeks before beginning their internship.
Students must take an English course of 30 lessons per week before beginning their placement.

Students may contact EC if they have any problems or need additional help.

UK: 4 weeks - 3 months