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English and Global Career Development Programme

This exclusive programme is available in three destinations (New York, Toronto, London) and divided over two terms. Each term prepares you for a different cornerstone of career success, focusing first on essential business skills, and creating authentic business projects.

English and Global Career Development Programme



Min. Level: Intermediate

Course Duration
8 weeks per term
Course start dates
  • Complete programme starts:
    2018: 29 October

Lessons per week
30 (20 General English + 10 English & Global Career Development)
45 minutes
Available In

This course is suitable for students who

  • want to reach an advanced level of English
  • want to acquire an employer reference
  • want to create and boost their digital portfolio
  • want to acquire and refine key professional skills

What can you expect on this course?

You will acquire new language skills while engaging with a group of focused, like-minded students. You will develop key professional skills and a working understanding of different corporate concepts and situations.

Learn English while gaining insight into the key areas on which a company must focus to thrive.

You will focus on various areas of the business world, such as ‘Mission Planning: Setting a Company Vision’, ‘Using Customer Feedback’ and ‘The Product Development Cycle’, and learn directly from real industry experience through authentic case studies. During this term you will:
• Examine areas such as strategic planning, finance, HR, marketing and operations
• Learn about real-life business situations through case studies
Starts: 5 March, 2 July, 29 October

Practise your English skills and put your professional skills to use in an authentic business context.

You will be actively involved in developing and implementing two projects to transform a business idea into reality. Your project could include designing, marketing and running an event, establishing and executing a customer service strategy, or building digital awareness. During this term you will:
• See a project through from conception to completion
• Create a digital portfolio online, showcasing your work
• Hone and professionalise your presentation skills
• Refine your networking skills as you engage directly with fellow business people Starts: 8 January, 30 April, 27 August, 7 January 2019

Choose this course if you want:
• confidence using English in the workplace
• to develop your career prospects
• a working understanding of business concepts