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English and Global Career Development Programme

English has long been the language of international business. Whether you enrol in the full course or choose one specific term, we are proud to offer a programme designed to launch you into career success while you learn the language.

English and Global Career Development Programme



Minimum B1+

Course Duration
8 weeks per term
Course start dates
  • Complete programme starts: 9 Jan,3 Jul, 4 Sep

Lessons per week
30 (20 General English + 10 English & Global Career Development)
45 minutes
Available In

This course is suitable for students

  • Who want to reach an advanced level of English
  • Who want to acquire an employer reference
  • Who want to create and boost their digital portfolio
  • Who want to acquire and refine key professional skills

What can you expect on this course?

Through the students acquire and practise essential language and business skills in a variety of authentic contexts, allowing you to gain hands-on experience and tangible outcomes.
As the course progresses, your English level will increase, with each term preparing you for another pillar central to professional success: essential business skills, personal focus, and real professional experience.
This exclusive programme is available in 5 classic destinations and is divided over three terms; you may join the complete 3-term programme or enrol in any term separately for targeted development.
Term 1: 21st Century Business Essentials
Learn English while gaining valuable in-depth insights into the key parts of a company and the secrets to what makes it thrive. Each week of this term is designed to target a different part of the business world, giving you the opportunity learn directly from industry experts through lectures and authentic case studies. 
Sample topics covered during this term could include 
·         Lecture on 'Mission Planning: Setting a Company Vision'
·         Case study on Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream: 'Keeping the Mission Alive'
·         Lecture from a local professor on 'Digital Marketing & Social Media' 
·         Case study and classwork on 'Using Lean Start-up to Achieve Success'
·         Lecture from local professional on 'The Product Development Cycle' 
·         Case study on 'How Companies Listen to their Customers'
During this term you will:
·         Examine areas such as strategic planning, finance, HR, digital marketing, and operations
·         Learn about real-life business situations through authentic case studies
·         Engage directly with local professionals
Minimum level: B1+ (Intermediate)
Term start dates:
2017 - 09 January , 03 July , 04 September
Term 2: Find Your Focus
For this term, we have partnered with Road Trip Nation, an organisation that specialises in empowering individuals to find their pathway in life. Watch a video about this inspiring organisation here: During these 8 weeks of language learning, you will also discover the ideal career path for you and find out how you can master your professional field. You will have a unique opportunity to identify and interview local industry leaders and create your own personal digital profile. 
This series of lessons is centred on you, providing all the essential tools and resources you need to shape your professional future.
During this term you will:
·         Discover the ideal career for you through research and cutting-edge profiling techniques
·         Interview and film local experts who will explain how to turn your dream into a successful career
·         Practise key professional skills such as cold-calling, interviewing, and presenting
Minimum level: B1+  (Intermediate)
Term start dates:
2017 - 06 March , 04 September , 30 October


Term 3: Career Skills in Action
Fully immerse yourself in the English language and use your newly-acquired professional skills in a real business setting. This term gives you the chance to build your portfolio and put everything you have learnt into practice; gain valuable experience through active involvement with a local enterprise, guiding a project from a business idea through to a business reality. Work experience project theme could cover a range of business concepts, including but not limited to:
· Sales & Marketing - For example, designing, marketing and running an open house to drive business for a local wine and cheese store
· Customer Insight Management- Such as collecting and analysing customer feedback for a local boutique and establish customer service strategy
· Digital Marketing- For instance, working with a local coffee shop to increase digital presence through designing and implementing effective social media campaigns
During this term you will:
·         See an authentic professional project through from conception to completion
·        Create a digital portfolio 
·        Target and refine networking skills while engaging with the local business community
Minimum level: B2+  (Pre-Advanced)
Term start dates:
2017 - 09 January , 08 May , 30 October 

2018 - 08 Jan