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EC Dublin Professional Study Programme

Studying English at EC can open doors to your future career. We want you to embrace your future at EC Dublin with the Professional Study Programme. This programme prepares you for life in an English-speaking working world and helps propel you up the career ladder. Come to the free lessons held once a month in your school or speak to a member of the academic team.


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This programme is suitable for students who

  • College or gap year students
  • Working professionals who want to upgrade their professional English and find work opportunities.
  • Anyone who is looking to spend 6 months or more in Dublin city

What can you expect on this programme?

Looking for work in a new country can be daunting and this programme aims to remove that and make you fully confident.
Dublin is full of successful businesses and start-ups and is a hive for your tech business especially. Being the vibrant city that it is, there is something for everyone from hospitality to finance, and retail to IT.

Highlights of this Programme:

  • Ideal for Academic Year students as the visa for 25+ weeks grants you eligibility to work alongside your studies. With this 8-month visa you can study and work simultaneously, or study for 6 months and then work or travel for the remaining 2 months. These visas are possible to extend for a total period of 24 months.
  • Professional guidance for academic and professional CVs.
  • One-to-one talks to fine-tune your job applications and CV.
  • Mock interviews to boost your confidence for the real interviews.
  • If you are aged 30+, you will have an exclusive professional environment of your English studies with like-minded students of similar age.

Why Dublin for this Programme?

  • Friendly people! Dublin is consistently ranked among the most friendly cities in the world.
  • Booming economy! Unemployment rate in Dublin is only 5.3% (2019).
  • International companies! Google, Facebook, Airbnb, Microsoft, Twitter and LinkedIn are based here and always looking for fresh talent.
  • The temperate climate means that you’ll never freeze or overheat, and it doesn’t rain as often as you might think.
  • The diverse population makes Dublin a colourful, multicultural European community.
  • Dublin is a safe place to live with low gun crime and helpful inhabitants.

You will learn how to look for work in Ireland, speak to possible employers, the kinds of questions to expect at an interview and how to answer them. Whether you’re looking for a part-time job to immerse yourself in a new scene and meet new people or you want to change career or expand your current one, this programme is tailored to your specific needs.

Industry insight from:

  • LinkedIn representative talks.
  • Guest speakers from successful businesses and recruitment agencies.
  • Real-life success stories from past students.

Where are jobs advertised?

  • Online. Websites such as Jobs.ieIndeedMonster or LinkedIn
  • Local newspapers advertise jobs in the ‘classified ads'.
  • Job agencies: ask at reception or search for them online.
  • Employment Services Centres: These are government-run centres which help people find work. Please see here.
  • Many cafes or bars advertise job vacancies with a sign in the window.


Before starting work in Ireland, you must first register your eligibility to do so. Your proven eligibility is given in the form of a Personal Public Service (PPS) number. Applying for this is a relatively easy process, click here to get more information about your PPS number.
For more information about working in Irland visit our FAQ section.