EC Partners

The mental health of our students is something we take seriously. Not having the usual support mechanism of family and friends and familiar surroundings can make learning tough, but we have, over our 30 years in businesses, devised the Orange Carpet Experience and have dedicated teams on hand to help students that struggle while away from home.

We have teams of people ready to guide students – and help sort any any issues to make their experience, a happy and rewarding one.

The Accommodation Team are the ones who make students feel at home and pride themselves in their local knowledge. They are on hand to help with any ‘home from home’ related issues.

Our Central Academic Team is responsible for ensuring that the latest research and technologies are incorporated into our curriculum across all our courses, and that students are in the right level, learning at the right pace.

The Student Services Team know the destinations, the best places to go and the ones to avoid and are really like a hotel concierge – able to solve almost any problem. They’re always in the reception areas so you always have easy access to them.

So you can reassure your customers and their parents that we have their best interests at heart, and care about their wellbeing when they are at our schools, not just their grades.