EC Partners

The University Pathway Program in Canada at EC is designed to help international students transition from language studies to college or university programs. It provides a structured approach that combines English language learning with academic preparation and support. Students will gain academic readiness, and have a smooth transition into college or university programs, ultimately helping them achieve their higher education goals.

The program focuses on improving English language skills to meet the requirements for college or university admission and offers conditional acceptance to partner colleges and universities upon meeting specific language proficiency requirements.

There is constant academic advice and guidance to help students select appropriate college or university and this includes help with navigating the application process. 

It’s important to note that the specific details of the Canada University Pathway Program may vary depending on the partnership agreements between EC and the participating colleges or universities. EC Toronto or EC Vancouver run these courses and you can find out more about their specific Pathway Program offerings, partner institutions, admission requirements, and academic pathways available from the site.