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EC Oxford

Nestled amongst the magnificent colleges of Oxford University is our brand new school in the centre of this ancient and enchanting city. Airy and spacious, with ultra-modern facilities, EC Oxford offers the perfect learning environment.

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Candice Gregory

Centre Manager

Rachel Smith

Student Services Coordinator

Centre Info

  • Launched: 2013
  • Centre capacity: 204
  • Classrooms: 6
  • Minimum age: 16
  • Students per class: Average 12 (Max 15)

School Includes

  • 17 internet connected computers
  • Free Wi-Fi internet access throughout the centre
  • Library
  • Self-study room
  • Student lounge
  • Interactive whiteboards throughout
  • Kitchen area


EC Oxford
Threeways House
Gloucester Green
Oxford, OX1 2BT


+44 (0) 1865 203 743

Emergency Number

+44 (0) 7544 738 160

Opening Hours

8:30 - 17:30 GMT


  • Located amid the colleges of Oxford University
  • Close to many attractions including the Covered Market, Bodleian Library and the Museum of History and Science
  • Minutes from the train station

Nationality Mix

  • Other
  • Turkish
  • Korean
  • Saudi Arabian
  • Brazilian
  • Japanese
  • Swiss
  • Colombian
  • Taiwanese
  • Omani
  • Kuwaiti

Age Mix

  • 16 - 17

  • 18 - 20

  • 21 - 25

  • 26 - 30

  • 31 - 40

  • 41 - 50

  • 51 +

Student Testimonial

I moved here to Oxford about two and a half month ago and I am sad because I am going to say goodbye soon. Oxford was my first choice because it is such a charming ancient city with a huge historical background. This lively place full of students is just perfect for young people like me.

During my stay I highly improved in my writing skills as well as my grammar and reading. Beside my preparation for my CAE I learned a lot about different topics, for instance, the life and politics in GB. Moreover, I achieved accuracy a wide range of vocabulary and of course I improved my fluency!

In the first few days the EC staff was extremely helpful to change my host family as soon as they could. In the new family I immediately felt like home. She was so welcoming and lovely and treated me like if I were her own daughter. I also made great friends even though the most of them were from Switzerland, we managed to speak English most of the time. Furthermore, I got to know a lot about other cultures with my friends from Brazil, Korea, Libya and Russia. After all I will always remember the amazing time I had in EC Oxford as a student.



Teacher Testimonial

I have been working at EC Oxford since August and have been involved in teaching both adults and young learners as well as participating in the social programme and workshops. EC Oxford is an excellent environment to work in; all of the staff are very friendly and highly motivated and work with an enthusiasm which is highly conductive to learning. I have never felt as motivated or productive in any other place. Furthermore, there are several factors which I believe mark EC Oxford out as the best choice for an English student. 

Firstly, our motivated and resourceful staff work tirelessly to bring out the best in our students. Our reception team is very friendly and accommodating, and is always attentive to student needs whether it be accommodation, work or medical related. We are constantly seeking to ensure that our students are as happy as possible, and accommodated with all of the amenities they need.

Secondly, our educational curriculum is second to none. Main classes are supplemented with grammar and pronunciation workshops, reading groups, and informal speaking meet-ups. Our very capable teachers continuously seek to personalise the educational process, tailoring it to the needs of the individual student. 

Finally, EC Oxford is situated in the heart of the city centre of Oxford; a beautiful historic university town in the heart of England, a stone’s throw away from London, the modern metropolitan capital of Britain. Students who come to this school therefore have the unique opportunity to experience English culture in a way that may not be afforded to them by any other language schools.


Callum Close



Teacher at EC Oxford



Teacher at EC Oxford



Student from Colombia