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Exciting News from EC Language Centres! 
We’re thrilled to introduce EC Escapes – our innovative programme dedicated to blending language education with immersive cultural experiences. Designed specifically for the discerning traveller, EC Escapes caters to mature students who embody the spirit of Active Exploration, Cultural Passion, and Lifelong Learning.

Experience the World Differently with EC Escapes: Our programme is not your typical language course. At EC Escapes, English learning transcends the classroom, integrating seamlessly with local culture and unique experiences. Our participants enjoy a rich tapestry of activities:

Guided Cultural Tours:
Delve into the heart of local traditions and histories.

Historical Landmark Visits:
Connect with the past in a meaningful way.

Culinary Adventures:
Savor the authentic flavours of each destination.

Enriching Walks & Social Activities:
Engage with the locale and fellow learners.

Four Captivating Locations, Four Unique Experiences:

April to June & September to November

June to August

New York September to November

Cape Town
December to February

  • Malta: A Mediterranean paradise, offering a blend of sun-kissed beaches and historical marvels.
  • London: Dive into the vibrant pulse of this cosmopolitan city, rich in history and modern flair.
  • New York: Experience the iconic sights and sounds of the city that never sleeps.
  • Cape Town: Explore the stunning landscapes and diverse cultural tapestry of South Africa’s coastal gem. Plus, don’t miss our Premium Christmas Programme in Cape Town from 23rd December 2024 to 4th January 2025.


At EC Escapes, we recognize that each traveller’s journey is as unique as they are. That’s why we go a step further to ensure your experience is not just a trip, but a journey tailored just for you. This is where our dedicated concierge service at each school becomes your gateway to a seamless and personalized adventure.

Join EC Escapes: Immerse yourself in a learning adventure that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. Discover the world, learn a language, and create memories that last a lifetime with EC Escapes.