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From the 1 March 2024 all students entering Malta, requiring a long-stay visa (D Visa), will have to apply through VFS.GLOBAL at one of their Visa Application Centres.

The visa appointment with the Visa Application Centres has to be booked by EC MALTA.    
VFS offers two appointment services for visa processing:  
1. Standard Service:
Visa appointment fee: 100 EUR
Appointment Availability: Earliest slot is 21 days from booking.
2. Extended Service:
Visa appointment fee: 150 EUR
Appointment Availability: As early as next-day appointments possible, subject to availability.  

The distinction between the services above lies solely in the appointment availability and the fee amount.      
The documentation necessary for long-stay visa applications has also seen some changes. Proof of minimum of 14 days of accommodation If the course is more than 6 months, a return flight ticket is not required     

The changes to the visa application process bring several advantages, such as: 

More locations to apply for a visa

Increase in availability of booking appointment time slots

Visa application turnaround 4-5 weeks

Earlier visa appointments through Extended Service Shorter accommodation booking requirement

No return flight ticket required for courses over 6 months     

How will the process work? At the time of booking with EC, choose the type of VFS service (Standard or Extended) EC will send you an invoice for the visa appointment fee together with the visa appointment booking form. Students will be able to choose their preferred appointment date EC MALTA will proceed with the booking of the visa appointment following receipt of payment of the visa appointment fee and the completed visa appointment booking form.

The visa appointment can be scheduled maximum 90 days prior to course start date. Once booked the visa appointment cannot be changed and the fee is non-refundable 

Student receives visa appointment by email

Student attends the visa appointment in person together with all required documentation in hand.

On the day of the appointment the student will have to pay an additional service charge at the visa application centre (between 25 – 30 EUR depending on the centre)

Student may be chosen for an online interview conducted by the Central Visa Unit Malta at a later point

Four to five weeks after the visa appointment, student will receive the visa     

Please see here for the official detailed document checklist provided by Identita Malta.    

There has been no change to short-term visa applications (allowing stays of up to 90 days).  

At this moment in time there is no change to the visa application process for students from Visa Exempt countries.     Please note that the above may be subject to change and we will endeavour to keep you updated with such changes as quickly as we can.  We understand that navigating through visa processes can be complicated but rest assured the EC teams are dedicated to supporting you and our students every step of the way. We will try to provide all the guidance and assistance you need, however EC cannot be held accountable for the information compiled from communications received by Identita’ Malta, nor for any visa outcomes throughout the process.