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Mini Group

If you would like to receive a greater level of individual attention, resulting in a faster rate of improvement, the Mini Group course is ideal. Class sizes are small, allowing teachers to tailor the course to the students’ needs.


What can you expect on this course?

More individual attention

Studying in a more intimate class of just 6 students creates a stronger class dynamic and allows you to spend more time in direct contact with your teacher. Your specific needs will be identified, monitored and met by your teacher, allowing for more personal encouragement, feedback and help.

Flexible and personal

Fewer class members and creative, responsive teachers allow lessons to take a natural flow. As you feel an increased sense of participation and motivation, your course will adapt to cover the language areas and skills that you need to focus on.

Improve fluency quickly and effectively

The flexibility of our teachers combined with a small class size means lessons can progress at a faster pace. You will improve your ‘thinking time’; this is the time it takes you to listen, comprehend and respond, which is essential for your fluency.

Smaller classes, more confidence

In a smaller class you will enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere and stronger relationships within your class. Your confidence will grow as you feel safe and secure, with more opportunity to interact with your classmates and your teacher.

Course books and materials

Explore a sample of our course materials here! Including workbooks, teacher’s notes and more.


Mini Group 20
1st module 2nd module
1 lesson 1 lesson break 1 lesson 1 lesson
Mini Group 30
1st module 2nd module 3rd module
1 lesson 1 lesson break 1 lesson 1 lesson break 1 lesson 1 lesson



All levels

Course Duration 

1 week to 4 weeks

Course start dates

Every Monday

Lessons per week

20 lessons = 15 hours per week
30 lessons = 22.5 hours per week


1 lesson = 45 minutes

Maximum in Class

Maximum of 6 people in a class

Available in 

This course is suitable for students who
  • are motivated and committed​
  • need to improve their level of English quickly​
  • wish to benefit from uninterrupted teacher attention
  • want to improve their confidence​
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