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Internship Programme in EC Cape Town

This programme gives students at EC Cape Town the opportunity to combine their English course with a personally rewarding lifetime experience. An internship will not only improve student`s English, but also help to develop their professional skills. This real-world experience will ensure they gain the practice and skills of working and living abroad. This will greatly enhance their CV and give them a competitive edge in the marketplace. Please note that this is an unpaid work experience.

What can you expect on this course?

With the Internship programme, students will gain:

  • Practical work experience in companies and organisations
  • Enhance employment opportunities Increased awareness of international business culture, and improved business and interpersonal skills
  • Improved English language skills in a professional and real-life environment, busuness language and interpersonal communication skills

Students may gain experience in the following areas:

Sales and Marketing, Finance, PR & Advertising, Media, Human Resources, Law, Engineering, Travel & Tourism, Hotel & Catering, Finance & Accounting, Insurance, Administration & Secretarial, International Trade, Charity, Conservation – requests in other vocations are always considered.


Before starting the internship programme you must take an English course with EC Cape Town for a minimum of 2 weeks on the course of your choice. In order to progress to your internship, you must have reached at least an upper intermediate level of English.

Placement Process:

Upon deciding to participate in the internship programme, you must supply:

The complete application needs to be returned one month prior to the course commencement and will be used to locate an internship opportunity. It will take a minimum of six to eight weeks to secure a placement in line with your requirements.

Note:The confirmation of the internship is subject to an interview which will be held upon arrival at EC Cape Town. Only once the interview is held, can EC then confirm the internship.Student`s personal placement will be determined by our applications staff in accordance with the information provided to us in student’s internship questionnaire and CV. It is possible that the final placement will not be one of the example sites listed in this document, but rather will be carefully selected from our extensive database of companies to better fit exact internship goals.


You can choose to stay at EC Cape Town’s accommodation after your course, or you can find accommodation near your placement location.


Internship Programme:

Any student who participates in the EC internship programme will be working as an intern at your host internship site.  As an intern, you will be working in a professional environment and will be expected to work on a full-time basis (approximately 30 – 35 hours per week). 

General Internship Programme Aims:

  • To provide practical work experience in companies for students and professionals.
  • To enhance employment opportunities.
  • To provide a means of increasing student awareness of international business culture and to improve business and interpersonal skills.
  • To provide individuals with a means of improving existing language skills in a professional environment
  • Provide an individual with the means to improve upon business language and interpersonal communication skills and to meet individual requirements in terms of vocabulary extension within a specified vocational area.

Students are regularly monitored throughout the programme to ensure their satisfaction. Students are also encouraged to contact EC if they have any problems or need additional help.

Examples of past Internships:

  • Magic Mountain Productions
  • La Couronne Wine Estate
  • Two Ocean’s Aquarium
  • Obzside Adventure Centre:A PADI diving centre
  • St. Anne’s Homes
  • African Eagle Day Tours
  • Stillking Films
  • Boulders Beach Penguin Colony (Table Mountain National Park)

Note: Each internship is planned on a participant-by-participant basis. The examples listed cannot be guaranteed.

See more details on each Internship example here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is transportation included?
Internship sites are located throughout the city. Although we do our best to place you as close to the company as possible, sometimes there will be a commute to and from your place of work. Depending on the accessibility of the site this will involve reasonably priced public transport options. The cost of this is not included in your placement fee.

Does the price of the internship depend on the number of months the student stays?
The price remains the same, regardless of your length of stay.

What is included in the program of a usual week?
A complete work week would include full-time internship duties from Monday to Friday. You will also be allowed to participate in all EC’s activities and social programme for the full duration of your stay.



Upper Intermediate to Advanced

Course Duration 

2 weeks English language course plus 8 weeks to 6 months placement (minimum 2 weeks English course not included)

Lessons per week

Every Monday


1 lesson = 45 minutes

Maximum in Class

Max.15 students (average 12 students)

Available in 

Other Facts

  • €200 non-refundable deposit will be collected immediately upon booking
  • €400 placement fee charge regardless of the length of the internship programme
  • Included: internship placement; EC services, support and access to all EC activities and social programme
  • Not included: Accommodation (EC accommodation is available); transport to and from the company
  • Minimum Internship duration: 1 month
  • Minimum English course duration: 2 weeks
  • Minimum English level to get a placement: Upper Intermediate
  • Minimum age:18 years
This course is suitable for students who
  • 18+ years old
  • want to enhance their CV
  • want to practise their English in a practical, real-life setting
  • want to improve their English in a specific profession