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EC Cambridge Pre-Arrival to First Day

School Number

+44 (0)1223 464364 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am – 5:00pm) 

Emergency Number

(For use outside of office hours only)

+44 (0)7966976513 *If line is busy, please try again.


EC Cambridge, Gibson House, 57 – 61 Burleigh Street, CB1 1DJ, Cambridge, UK


What is EC Online? 

EC Online is a personalized study tool and powerful learning companion throughout your EC journey. It also offers information on the latest covid guidelines, information about your EC centre, accommodation and information about living in your chosen destination.

Please Complete Your Online Placement Test before Arrival

  • To help us place you in the right level when you start studying with us, you must complete your Online Placement test before you arrive at school. 
  • If you do not complete this test before your first day, you may miss some of the first day activities and/or class time as this test must be completed before you start class. 
  • The Online Placement Test focuses on Reading, Writing and Use of English (Grammar and Vocabulary) and consists of 66 questions. 
  • Your speaking level will be assessed on your first day in school 
  • For the instructions on how to complete your Online Placement Test, please click here 

When can I access EC Online? 
You will have access to EC Online as soon as you receive your booking confirmation. Start by logging in here:

What else must I do on EC Online before my arrival? 
  • Complete your Important Personal Details Form
  • Download the NHS Covid-19 Track and Trace App
  • Complete your Student Risk Assesment
  • Download Microsoft Teams
  • Complete yout Needs Analysis Form
  • Complete your placement test  
  • Fill in the pre-arrival survey
  • Access a bank of study materials to start learning before you even leave home



Arrival at Airport
I want an EC airport transfer, can I arrive at any time? 
If you have booked accommodation with EC you must arrive at the airport between 08:00 and 20:00. Late/early arrivals may be asked to book alternative accommodation

What information do I need to give to book an airport transfer? 
Please provide your flight number, arrival time, terminal and airport of origin – minimum 2 weeks in advance 

Who will I meet at the airport? 
You will meet an EC transportation representative holding sign with the EC logo and your name. They will be waiting for you at Arrivals. 

What should I do if I cannot find the EC representative?
If after 10 minutes you cannot see the EC representative, just call +44 (0)7966976513 (from the information desk or a mobile phone). (Useful phrase to use: Hi, My name is (Maria Angeli). I am from (Italy). My student number is (123456). I cannot find my EC representative. I am at the information desk.)
What should I do if I have missed my flight or my flight is delayed? 
You should notify EC by calling +44 (0)7966976513 (from the information desk or a mobile phone) to rearrange your transfer time and avoid additional cost. (Useful phrase to use: My name is (Maria Angeli). I am from (Italy). My student number is (123456) and my flight has been changed. My new flight number is (1234) arriving at (time). 
What should I do if I haven’t booked an EC transfer?
National Express and National Rail can be booked directly at the airport. You can ask the dedicated desks, the Information Desk or directly online: National Rail and National Express - please click the links for information on prices.


Arrival at EC Accommodation

What should I expect at my EC accommodation? 
You will receive a warm, personal welcome, whether you have booked home stay or residence. All our hosts are fully briefed on how to make you feel comfortable and prepared for your first day of lessons. In our residence, a team member will be available at the weekend to help and answer any questions.

Your First Day at School

How can I find my way to school?
You can find this information on your EC Accommodation Profile, or feel free to ask your host family or residence staff.

What if I haven’t booked EC accommodation? 
The school is located on Burleigh Street in the centre of town. You can take any bus to the city centre and then walk across Christ’s Piece (around 10 minutes) to Burleigh Street. 

What time should I arrive?
From 8.00am to 9.00am

What should I bring with me? 
It’s important to bring these documents with you on your first day:
• Passport with Visa (non-European students) or international ID card (European students only)
• Your credit card to pay a deposit if you have booked an EC Residence

What can I expect on my first day? 
You’ll experience the best possible welcome into the EC family on your first day. Enjoy undivided staff attention in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Here’s what your first day will include:

  • Detailed schedule of the day
  • Orientation talk
  • The remainder of your placement test (speaking and writing)
  • ‘How We Learn’ – Session on how you’ll succeed with EC, including our teaching styles and methods
What will my timetable be? 
You will receive your timetable on TEAMS by 12:30

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens on public holidays? 
Schools do not open on public holidays, so if Monday is a public holiday, your first day at the school will be on Tuesday. Public holidays are listed below:

2022 Public Holidays on a weekday: 29 Aug, 26 Dec, 27 Dec


What do I do if public transportation is temporarily unavailable?  
In case of bad weather, public transport strikes etc, please check the EC Cambridge Facebook page for any important updates or call the emergency number.

 This is a sample timetable, times may change and are not guaranteed.

Morning timetable: 

Afternoon lessons:

 Kindly note:

  • Exam Preparation programmes are not available for afternoons-only lessons. 
  • There will only be one bank for Special Focus Classes, so Morning and Afternoon students will merge for Semi-Intensive and Intensive classes. 
  • Students booking afternoon courses will only be able to join evening or weekend activities; there are no morning activities at EC New York.