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Vancouver Homestay

Description of Local Area

Vancouver is a beautiful and vibrant city on the west coast of Canada with stunning beaches, large parks and surrounded by large mountains. It is a very diverse and multi-cultural city with many different neighbourhoods such as Downtown, Gastown, Chinatown and Granville Island, to name a few.

Description of Accommodation

Students often choose a homestay for a first-hand experience of Canadian culture, where they can practise their English language skills in a comfortable and natural environment. All homestays are different and unique, some Canadians live in apartments or condos and others live in the suburbs in family homes. Some homestay providers are single and live alone, others are married couples and large families.

Students are responsible for their own laundry and laundry supplies such as detergent etc. However, homestays are required to give students access to the laundry facilities and show them how to use the machines. Hosts must provide and wash students’ towels and linens.

Students studying in EC Vancouver have the option of choosing a single room or a twin room. Each room has a bed, a desk, a lamp and a cupboard. All rooms must also have a window at eye level.  

Students have the option of using a shared bathroom or a private bathroom. Students who opt for a shared bathroom usually share the bathroom either with one other student or with the rest of the homestay members. Students who pay for a private bathroom are guaranteed the sole use of a private bathroom, however, it is not guaranteed that the bathroom is en-suite. It is the responsibility of the homestay host to clean the bathroom once per week. All bathrooms must be equipped with a toilet, sink and shower/bath.

Meal Description

Breakfast and dinner are provided daily, however lunch is not included. The host will provide room in the fridge and pantry to store any food that students may purchase.

Breakfast varies from host to host. It is typical for Canadians to have a quick, on-the-go breakfast such as toast and a coffee.

Hosts are encouraged to offer students whatever the homestay typically eats. Students will eat whatever the homestay eats and help set the table or clear up after dinner. Students are encouraged to participate in family activities and outings.

Dinner time is usually around 6:30 pm, but homestays will inform the student of the time when they eat. Not all homestays will sit down and have dinner together every night. It is important that the student informs the host beforehand should they be late or not having dinner. If a student misses dinner, they cannot take it for lunch the next day, since lunch is not included in the homestay programme.

Accommodation Features

Bed linen provided



Type of Room


Single / Twin

Bathroom type


Standard: shared

Board status


Half Board

Phone Number


Emergency Number


Year round

Arrival and departure

Room check-out: 11:00am

Host Family Locations

All EC Vancouver homestays are placed conveniently either on a bus or Skytrain line in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby or New Westminster. The average journey time to and from school is 40-60 minutes. Times are approximate.

Before students arrive in Vancouver, they will receive a family profile with all the host family’s details (home address, email address, contact numbers, etc.). They are also provided with a Google map link showing them where their homestay is. Homestays show the students which bus/train to get to and from school and also to downtown or anywhere else they may want to go.

Journey to school

All our homestays live within 60 minutes from EC Vancouver, which is conveniently located in downtown Vancouver. Times are approximate. The nearest subway station is Granville Station. It is common for students to travel between 40-50 minutes from their homestay to school using different modes of transport such as the bus or the Skytrain (Vancouver’s train system). Hosts are expected to show students how to get to and from their house on their first day. We also encourage hosts to provide their students with a map from their house to the school with the following: homestay address, telephone number, closest main intersection to the home, and the number of the bus or train that they must take. For students staying 4 weeks, we recommend the monthly ticket which gives students unlimited access to all bus/skytrain routes. 


Cancellation prior to arrival

Cancelling accommodation on a short-notice or less than 14 days prior to arrival will carry cancellation fees in accordance to EC Terms and Conditions. Students must provide written notification a minimum of 4 full weeks in advance in order to qualify for a refund of unused accommodation fees.

Airport Pickup

Students who request airport pick up are advised to wait for their transfer in the arrivals hall at the Vancouver Airport. Before arrival, they are given our 24-hour emergency mobile number and also the number of the transfer service we use. If students have missed their flights or connecting flights are delayed, they must ring either number and notify us so we can contact the transfer service. We always advise the family when their students have paid for this service. Not calling might end up in a transfer cancellation.

House Rules

  • Homestay families are generally aware of any allergies that students may have, such as pet allergies, food allergies, or any special dietary requirements. It is the student’s responsibility to remind the hosts about it on their first day.
  • If students request a homestay without pets then EC Vancouver will not place that student in a family that has pets.
  • Homestay families are encouraged to give students keys to their home and to also show students how to use any alarm systems they may have.
  • Special dietary requirements may be accommodated subject to availability at a fee per week
  • Students arriving in EC accommodation between 22.00 – 08.00 may be asked to book alternative accommodation for their first night. This is to ensure student’s safety on arrival.

For more accommodation terms and conditions please refer to EC accommodation policy.

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