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Classic City Homestay


Consistenly rated as one of the top three places in the world to live, Vancouver is a stunning, friendly and charming West Coast city. It offers culture, recreation, history, adventure, shopping and entertainment, against the beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and Coastal Mountain range, which are perfect for outdoor activities.

Classic City Homestay

What's Included

  •  20 lessons per week (15 hours)

  •  Course materials

  •  End of Course Certificate

  •  Max. 15 students per class

  •  Assistance and supervision from the EC Team

  •  Supervised activity programme (per week):
    - 5 half-day excursions
    - 3 after-class activities
    - 1 full day activity*
    *excluding departure week

  •  Full board

Dates available

  • 05 Jan - 02 Feb 2019
  • 04 Jan - 01 Feb 2020


  • 13 - 17

Emergency Number

  • +1 604 710 3920

In a comfortable, local Vancouver home, students will experience a new culture while enjoying a warm, friendly envionment and home-cooked meals. 

Arrival day


Departure day


Getting to school & activities

  • Approx. 60 minutes by public transport

  • Travel pass CAD $50 per week


Special dietary requirements may be accommodated subject to availability and a weekly fee.

Hosts serve three meals daily: breakfast, a packed lunch and dinner. They include the four basic food groups: protein (meat, fish, eggs), carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice), dairy products (milk, cheese, etc), fruit and vegetables.


Juice and/or milk, fruit, cereal and/or muffins, toast/bagels


Sandwich (e.g,sliced turkey, cheese, tomato and lettuce), fruit and vegetables (e.g,apple, orange, banana, carrot and celery sticks), juice box, snacks (e.g,pretzels, nuts, crackers)


(Sample Menu)
Pasta, salad, bread and cheese, dessert and/or fruit
Roast chicken and potatoes, cooked vegetables, dessert and/or fruit

Dietary Requirements

If students have specific diet requirements (e.g. gluten free/vegetarian/Halal), EC must be informed of this prior to the student's arrival.

  • Vegetarian – will be provided at no supplement
  • Halal - will be provided at no supplement
  • Lactose intolerant & Vegan - will be provided at a supplement of CAD 45 per week
  • Celiac & Gluten free -  will be provided at a supplement of CAD 45 per week

    Special dietary requirements may be accommodated subject to availability and a weekly fee.


Optional Student Insurance is now being offered in all destinations.

Students must have proof of adequate health, accident and travel insurance while attending any of our programmes. This must be acquired prior to their arrival.

Students should always travel to Canada with a proof of insurance document. Insurance can be either private or booked through EC. Further information is provided on request.

EC must be advised upon booking of any medical conditions, allergies or medications that need to be administered to students.


Room Type



Shared bathroom

Board status
Full board (Breakfast, packed lunch and dinner)

Rooms include

  • Desk/table where students can do their homework (if not in the room, a place for studying will be provided in a common area)
  • Storage space


WiFi is available at the homestay and the learning centre.

What to expect from the accommodation

  • All students will have access to a phone and will be allowed to receive calls. If students would like to make international phone calls, they will be asked to purchase a calling card.


Linen and towels are provided by the homestay provider and are cleaned weekly.


Laundry facilities are available to the student at their homestay.

Learning centre


570 Dunsmuir street 2nd floor,
#200, Vancouver, 

*Lessons may be held at off-site classrooms in downtown Vancouver*

Course Options: 
- General English

20 lessons per week (a total of 15 hours)
1 lesson = 45 minutes

About courses:
  • The program begins on Monday with orientation and placementent tests.
  • Lessons are engaging and designed especially for young learners. Teachers aim to satisfy any interest, with a focus on communication to boost students' confidence when using English in practical situations. Conversation classes help to ensure that students improve their language skills as much as possible.
  • The course will help improve English language skills by focusing on the key areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening. A strong focus is placed on speech and using the language confidently and fluently.
  • Our dedicated and professional teaching staff will provide feedback and support and help students build confidence to speak English.
  • Lessons are always held in the morning
  • Free Wi-Fi is available. Wireless internet is password protected.

Academic Rules

  • Attendance in class is required. If students are sick they must notify the school immediately.
  • Punctuality is required.
  • All classes begin promptly at 9am.
  • English is the only language spoken at school and in the classes.
  • Students must respect their fellow students' cultural and ethnic background. Intolerance, harassment or discrimination is not tolerated.
  • Food and drink is not permitted in the classroom or in the computer room.
  • Students will be required to pay for any damages.

First Day

  • On the first day, all academic staff places students in the relevant group for their ability based on  the placement test. In the afternoon, students will be given an orientation tour. 
  • Students are to bring their passport and their airline ticket to school on the first day.

Maximum Class Size



All students must attend classes on a daily basis unless they are genuinely indisposed (due to illness, for example).

Educational materials

Educational materials are provided. Students should bring their own notepaper and pens.

View Full Programme & More

Please view the programme for each week here

Sample OF THE Programme

  Morning     Afternoon
S Arrivals
S      Day with the family  
M Welcome Talk & Placement Test City tour City Tour
T Lessons Team BuildingCapilano Suspension Bridge
W Lessons Lip Sync Battle Ice Skating
T Lessons Tubing on CypressTubing on Cypress
F Designer Outlet Shopping Designer Outlet Shopping
S Full day excursion to Whistler
S Metrotown shopping
M Lessons Movie Vancouver Aquarium
T Lessons Sports Day/Arts & Crafts Vancouver Art Gallery
W Lessons  Talent ShowFalse Creek Walking tour
T Lessons Trampoline park Trampoline park
FQueen Elizabeth ParkQueen Elizabeth Park
S Departures / Full day excursion to Victoria

Please note: This is a sample programme and changes may occur.


Welfare, Rules and Disciplinary Action

Curfew times

  • Standard curfew time is 21:30 on weeknights
  • Standard curfew time is 22:00 on weekends

Alcohol consumption

The legal drinking age in Vancouver is 19 years. It is illegal for all students attending this course to consume alcohol, have someone buy alcohol on their behalf, or visit bars/clubs.


Using drugs, being under the influence of drugs or possessing drugs is illegal. Under no circumstances should students use, possess or be under the influence of drugs.


The legal age to buy tobacco is 19 years. It is illegal to buy tobacco or have someone buy tobacco on the student's behalf if they are under the legal smoking age.

Customer Complaints

At EC, we endeavour to provide our students with the highest possible level of service. If, however, a student is unsatisfied with any aspect of their programme with EC, we ask that they inform us immediately. Most problems are small and can be quickly resolved by our staff members. During the first week of school, all students are given an initial Course Evaluation form, in which they are asked to evaluate various aspects of their stay. The form also allows students to bring to our attention anything that is not to their satisfaction should they feel unable to speak to us directly. Solutions to any issues will be provided and all necessary parties will be notified when applicable. Students are also requested to complete an online End of Course Evaluation form at the end of their stay so that they have the opportunity to provide EC with general feedback before returning to their home countries.

Accommodation Rules

  • The student must call their homestay by 4:30pm if they are going to be late for dinner or if they are not going to join their homestay for dinner
  • No overnight guests
  • A phone card must be used for all long distance phonecalls
  • Students should lock the door when leaving the homestay
  • Students must keep their room clean and tidy at all times
  • Students must advise their homestay hosts of where they are going and at what time they will be home
  • Homestay hosts set times for students to be home during the week and weekends. Students must obey and respect these times


Failure to follow any of the above rules will result in immediate expulsion from the programme with no refund. Students' parents will be notified immediately and the student will be sent home at their own expense. Depending on the severity of the situation, breaking any of the above rules may result in a monetary fine, arrest, jail sentence or deportation by the Canadian police.

Course Certificate

Students must attend all lessons and organised activities in order to receive their End of Course Certificate.

False ID
Being in possession of false identification is an act of fraud and is illegal in Canada.

Parent's Permission
Parents/guardians must sign the Young Student Waiver giving emergency details, and their consent and permission for their child to receive medical treatment and attend activities.

Extra Nights
Extra nights may be available at an additional fee, all requests are subject to availability.

Visa Requirements
Students are asked to check with the Canadian embassy whether they require a visa to enter Canada before they submit their application. Further details will be provided on request.

EC may, from time to time, make an exception and allow students outside the stated age range to participate in one or more of the Young Learner programmes. For more information, please speak with your EC contact.

Activity Rules

  • Attendance to all pre-paid and afternoon activities is mandatory.

  • Punctuality for all activities is also mandatory.

  • If you are late for an activity that is time dependent, the activity will continue as scheduled.

  • No refund will be issued for missed activities.

  • Students are to respect their activity leaders, fellow students and their surroundings. Students will be taken outside the Learning Centre for their activity, therefore, it is essential that students stay with the group at all times and follow all activity instructions carefully.

  • Supervision is provided during all activities.