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EC VR Experience programme

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of virtual reality for an English language lesson like no other! The Immerse platform allows English language learners to have fun, practice, and develop fluency within a shared VR world. Students will engage with classmates, objects and the environment in this ground-breaking new format for language education.

EC VR Experience EC students will move between their VR English classroom and a range of engaging, interactive, real-life scenarios and situations in the VR world, transforming the way English is taught and learned.  

Course Information
VR Spring Camp Course
Dates: 5th – 23th April
Lesson times: 08:00 to 11:30 GMT, London time (Monday to Friday).
Ages: 11 to 17
Max students per class: 8

VR English Programme
Course dates: Starting 19th April
Lesson times: 10:00 to 12:00 or 16:00 to 18:00 GMT, London time (Wednesday). Ages: 11 to 17 Max students per class: 8

VR Summer Camp
Course dates: July & August 2021
Lesson times: 08:00 to 11:30 GMT. 16:00 to 19:30 GMT London time (Monday to Friday).
Ages: 11 to 17
Max students per class: 8

Find EC YL VR Enrolment Form here
Find EC YL VR Parents Authorisation Form  here


What can you expect on this programme?

We are fusing real-time collaboration with interactive digital learning, challenging English students to work together in a range of new ways. Students will explore different locations and scenarios, interact with items in the VR world, and work together to respond to challenges and solve problems as a team. All this, and so much more, while learning and improving English. 

Why Choose EC VR Experience?

Complete Immersion
With complete sensory, actional and narrative immersion, students participate and respond to tasks inside a VR lesson. By actively living a lesson, students feel more involved and, as a result, learn more, both linguistically and socially.

Social Interaction
Virtual reality is the next best thing to physically being in a classroom. Students use the hardware to move around spaces, do classwork, chat about tasks together, congratulate and encourage each other - they can even high five - just as they would in person.

Effective Learning
We apply decades of language teaching experience to the virtual environment. VR can give students a sense of reassurance and confidence as they participate in scenarios that may otherwise be beyond their reach. By removing external distractions, students can focus exclusively on the lesson.

Develop Future Skills
With immersive technology, students literally work together to solve problems, developing key 21st century skills such as creativity and critical thinking, as well as social and emotional awareness which can increase motivation and decrease anxiety.

How does it work?
1.Book Your Course
Complete the enrolment form and send us your booking. Complete your payment, level test and get ready to learn! 

2.Order Your Goggles
You need the Oculus Quest 2 goggles to take part in our VR course. Order them here or buy them locally! 

3.Set up an Account
We’ll send you a welcome letter with instructions on how to get set up with the applications and goggles.

4.Get to Know the Software
Discover the world of VR before starting your class so you can have everything prepared and you feel ready to begin!

5. Join Your EC VR Class 
Meet your teacher and fellow students from around the world and start learning, playing, and collaborating in English.

6.Speak English Confidently
By the end of the course your English will have levelled up and you’ll have the certificate to prove it. Congratulations!

Included with the course
✓ Maximum class size of 8 guaranteed
✓ Access to our qualified and experienced teachers
✓ Live classes
✓ Course eBooks
✓ English language test to determine student English level
✓ 2h45 hrs a day of virtual reality English learning
(3 periods of 45 minutes of a teacher-led class and 30 minutes of virtual reality excursions and cultural experience) 3h 30 per day including screen breaks
✓ Home learning tasks to further practice your English ✓ End of course e-certificate

VR Spring Camp
3.5 hours lessons per day,
5 days per week We will launch this at €399 per student per week for the April programme.
The usual price will be €450 per week.

VR English Programme
2 hours lessons per day,
1 day per week 10 weeks - €55 per week
20 weeks - €50 per week
30 weeks - €45 per week

VR Summer Camp
3.5 hours lessons per day,
5 days per week €450 per week.

Enrolment fee of €40 per student. Goggles are not included in the price.