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EC Virtual Young Learners Spring Programmes

Learn English Online with EC Virtual Young Learners Spring Programmes!EC Young Learners is delighted to be able to bring you our award-winning programmes virtually this spring! We’ve adapted our EC Virtual premium product to suit the needs of our young learners, with live classes and social & cultural activities starting from €119 per week.

Included with every course

  • English lessons delivered by qualified, experienced English teachers
  • 90-min face-to-face virtual English lessons
  • Learner Oriented Assessment
  • FREE access to Microsoft Office for the duration of the course including Word, PowerPoint, and much more!
  • Ability to upgrade and add one-to-one lessons
  • Cambridge Young Learner test to determine your English level

Age range - 12-17 years 

What can you expect on this course?

Why Choose EC Virtual?

1. Smaller Classrooms (10 students max)
  • Allows for more intensive learning
  • Increased time for teacher-to-student interaction
  • Closer monitoring of speaking and listening
  • More personalised feedback from the teacher
2. Classroom Dynamics
  • Whole-class activities with participation from all students
3. Curriculum
  • All classes use National Geographic Learning eBook adapted for online delivery and in-house produced material

What can you expect on this programme?

How does it work?

Our Young Learner spring premium courses run from the 22nd March until the 23rd April, with start dates every week.
Classes starts at 08:00 or 15:00 GMT Monday to Friday.

1. Before class
The teacher will set up a pre-class assignment for students to discuss on Teams - reading a book or article, watching a video, etc. The teacher monitors conversation and progress is recorded online. Students are able to come to class prepared to fully participate and get their best from the lesson.

2. Teacher-led lesson (45mins)
Small groups of up to 10 students from around the world collaborate via video call with their teacher. They outline objectives and goals, discuss the questions and task(s) from the pre-class assignment, review any questions and set up the post-class collaborative activity as well as the pre-class assignment for the next day. Students should be prepared for a much more intensive class than a normal face-to-face session!

3. Collaborative lesson (45mins)
Students are asked to work on a writing or speaking collaborative activity, which they upload on Teams. This activity allows students to process and consolidate the learning from their teacher-led session. They discuss virtually with their group and the teacher monitors the chat.

4. Homework
The teacher will recommend exercises from the students workbooks that will solidify the language points covered in the lessons.

Class Time Zones
Students can choose between their school’s local time zone or the following time table (in case the student is back in-country).

EC Virtual Young Learners Spring Programme Pricing:

  • 1 week 119 EUR
  • 2 weeks – 109 EUR per week
  • 3+ weeks – 99 EUR per week

Sample  Timetable

Premium Sample Activities to add to your course for only 20 EUR PER WEEK!!