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EC Virtual Premium

The ideal choice for working students, this five days per week English language course will enable students to improve their English, at a time of their choosing. Accredited by the British Council, powered by National Geographic Learning, and with access to EC Online to provide an effective and learner-centred English learning experience.

Included with every course:

  • Live classes at a time chosen by individual students. Four time zones available: 00:00, 08:00, 12:00, and 16:00, London time.
  • Lessons delivered by qualified, experienced English teachers
  • 5 days of 90-min face-to-face virtual English classes
  • 30 mins a day of structured classmate collaboration
  • Unlimited self-study with access to materials on EC Online
  • Learner Oriented Assessment
  • FREE access to Microsoft Office for the duration of the course including Word, PowerPoint, and much more!
  • Ability to upgrade and add one-to-one lessons

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This course is suitable for students who

  • who need to upskill quickly
  • who need to quarantine before attending a school
  • who want to build or improve their English ability in all areas and skills
  • who want to learn before/after full immersion
  • who cannot travel but are committed to learning

What can you expect on this course?

Why Choose EC Virtual?

1. Smaller Classrooms (10 students max)
  • Allows for more intensive learning
  • Increased time for teacher-to-student interaction
  • Closer monitoring of speaking and listening
  • More personalised feedback from the teacher
2. Collaborative Sessions
  • Students work freely and independently with each other, replicating real life workplace collaboration
  • More time for student reflection and interaction
  • Microsoft Teams allows students to message, video call and share documents
  • All collaborations are monitored by the teacher, but the main interactions are among students
3. Classroom Dynamics
  • Whole-class activities with participation from all students
  • Collaborating in a multi-cultural environment
4. Curriculum
  • Virtual classes will follow the same in-school EC curriculum
  • All classes use National Geographic Learning eBook adapted for online delivery
  • Learning is supplemented by our learning platform, EC Online
5. Flexibility
  • 4 different time zones, 24 hours a day around the globe
  • Classes are held 2 days per week so will not interrupt other commitments
  • Option to boost their English further by adding private classes (50 per 45-minute class)


What can you expect on this programme?

How does it work?

1. Before class (15 mins)

The teacher will set up a pre-class assignment with relevant questions for students to prepare for the class. This can be anything from reading or listening from the course book, a relevant video or article, or a Flashpoint from EC Online. Students are able to come to class prepared to fully participate and get their best from the lesson. 

2. During class (90 mins) 
Small groups of 8-10 students from around the world collaborate via video call with their teacher. They outline objectives and goals, discuss the questions and task(s) from the pre-class assignment, review any questions and set up the post-class collaborative activity as well as the pre-class assignment for the next day.

Students should be prepared for a much more intensive class than a normal face-to-face session!

3. After class (30 mins)
Students are asked to work on a writing or speaking post-class collaborative activity, which they upload on Teams. Each assignment has clear success criteria to help students self-evaluate, set their own goals and see their progress. They discuss virtually with their group and the teacher monitors the chat.

Sample Timetable

Class Time Zones:

Students can choose between their school’s local time zone or the following timetable (in case the student is back in-country).

Please note that the clock changes in the UK in the last week of October and last week of March. This will impact the local time of lessons.