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Additional Study Policy Update

Following arrival in the UK, students cannot add any additional study that will exceed the 30-day period of entry requested. Students cannot extend a current course or enrol on a new course where the course would be longer than these 30 days (4 weeks). Students wishing to extend/ take a longer course will have to obtain a new visa even if they have the time available on their current visa.


SEVIS Fee Increase June 24th, 2019

As you may be aware, SEVP will increase the SEVIS I-901 fee from $200 to $350, with effect from June 24th, 2019. Please see the announcement provided by SEVP on the website.


General elections in South Africa: 8th May 2019

On 7 February this year, the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, announced that the 2019 General Elections would be held on Wednesday 8 May. Since Election Day in South Africa is proclaimed to be a public holiday, please note that EC English Cape Town will be closed for that day. GE20 and GE30 lessons will not be made up; only One-to-One lessons will be made up. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause to you and your students. 

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