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Your Pathway to Success

Choose to study english at EC TorontoEC Vancouver or EC Montreal* and start your journey towards higher education and your future in Canada!

* University Pathway academic programme is not available at EC Montreal. Most partners accept the General English programme certificate as entry requirement.

Our Canadian University Pathway programme provides you with access to a wide range of universities and colleges to choose from across Canada, including some of the country's most highly ranked institutions.
Studying at a Canadian university or college is one of the first steps to staying in Canada if you wish to do so. Once you graduate, you can be eligible for a work permit for up to three years, depending on the chosen programme and institution, which may help you if you're interested in pursuing permanent residency.

How it Works

Choose an EC School 1

Choose an EC School

Choose your EC school in Vancouver or Toronto, then meet with our University Admissions Service counsellors to start the process of joining a university.

Decide on your university 2

Decide on your university

EC counsellors will help you choose universities and complete your application. You’ll receive a conditional letter of acceptance, meaning the university is holding your place.

Reach your English goal 3

Reach your English goal

In addition to studying English, you can take courses in study skills, note-taking and other aspects of university life to help prepare you for success at a Canadian university.

Enter university 4

Enter university

When you reach the university’s required English level with EC, you will be admitted to the university without a TOEFL/IELTS exam.

Enjoy your new future 5

Enjoy your new future

Whether university is a stepping stone to immigration or simply to further your education before returning home, your new skills and qualification will open the doors to a new future!

Canadian University Partners

Choose the University from the drop down or click on the university logo below

Dedicated Team

Our team is committed to helping you get into the university of your choice. You will receive personal guidance and support in choosing a university or college, completing the application process, determining your current level of English, and in helping you reach the required level of English to join your chosen university.


When applying to one of our university partners, you will not have to worry about taking the TOEFL or IELTS exam. Instead, you will receive a conditional letter of acceptance to your chosen university, and you will be admitted once you reach the university’s required level of English. Take this short test to find out your current level of English.

Experience University Life

While you study English at your EC school, you will have a chance to attend classes at a university. This is a perfect opportunity for you to see what student life and the classroom experience is like in Canada, helping you become a better student.

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