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Applying for a Visa in Canada

You will need a Study Permit (student visa) if you want to take a course of over 6 months.

If you want to study for less than 6 months, you need a Visitor's Visa. You can study English for a maximum of 6 months with a Visitor's Visa.

Tourist Visa
You may attend as a tourist for a maximum 6 months. You must have the following documents when you arrive in Canada:

  • a valid passport
  • a Letter of Acceptance from an EC school
  • a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (tourist visa) if your country requires this visa to enter Canada
  • proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses while you are in Canada
  • a return airline ticket to your country or some other destination

Study Permit
If plan to study longer than 6 months must obtain a Study Permit. On entry to Canada, you must present the documents listed above plus your Study Permit.

For citizens of some countries, the Study Permit will be issued at the port of entry into Canada. If you are staying longer than 6 months, you should show your Letter of Acceptance to the Immigration Official on entry even if you have no other document from the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your country.

It is relatively easy to obtain a Study Permit although the application process may take more than a month, especially if you require a medical certificate. You may have to attend an interview with a Canadian official when applying for the Study Permit.

Students who do not require a visa to enter Canada are expected to pay online for the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before they travel.

More information is available at the Canadian government website

CAQ Requirement at EC Montreal
Students studying at EC Montreal for longer than six months who require a Quebec Acceptance Certificate for Studies (CAQ) and a Study Permit must be registered for 24 or 30 lessons. Students who book less than 24 lessons will no longer qualify for the CAQ.

Immigration Quebec website

Letter of Acceptance Charges  
There is a charge of $105 CAD per Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for CAQ/Study Permit purposes.

Courier Charges  
Charges for sending a Letter of Acceptance by courier must be paid by the student. Courier charges will be included on the invoice. At the latest, courier charges can be paid by the student on the first day at school. Courier charge is $85 CAD.

Custodianship Declaration Form  
Some younger students require a Custodianship Declaration Form when they are coming for longer than 24 weeks and require a Study Permit: At EC Vancouver: students who are less than 19 years of age. There is a charge of $150 CAD for the Notary to sign the Form. Plus there is a second charge if it needs to be sent by courier.