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Embassy UCL

University College London
Quick Facts
Our centre is located on the campus of world-renowned University College London (UCL), where impressive historic buildings sit next to modern architecture.
Junior students aged 13-17 and adult students 18-25 can be in the same group and travel together. However, they will be accommodated in separate halls, taught in separate classes and do some activities apart.
University College London
Dates available : 
21 Jun - 30 Aug
13 – 17 (juniors), 18 - 25 (adults)
Majority standard single rooms, with some twin rooms
Emergency Number: 
+44 7771 845 978

Majority single standard rooms with some twin rooms available
Located across 2 different residence buildings, Ramsay Hall and Campbell Hall
Ramsay Hall accommodates junior students only, adult students are assigned to a specific area of Campbell East or West.
Communal lounges and kitchens in each building
Room furniture includes a wardrobe, desk and chair
Rooms cleaned weekly
Laundry available in residence building
Meals are served in 2 large self-service dining halls
Wi-Fi is available in all accommodation areas
A deposit of £40 is required upon arrival, replacement of lost room key is £40
Food Options
Continental including juice, coffee, toast, jam cereal and fruit.
Two courses, 3 options including a vegetarian option.
Evening Meal: 
Two courses, 3 options including a vegetarian option.
There are communal lounges in both residence buildings
Washing machines located in both residence buildings, cleaning is £2 per wash and drying is £1.20 oer cycle.
Sports games and activities take place in Regents Park only a 10-minute walk from the centre.
Cash machine (ATM) located in the area
There are several shops and cafes around the campus area
There are two different canteens and students eat their meals in different ones depending on their residence.
For students staying at Campbell Hall, meals are served on the UCL canteen on the main campus. They eat all meals there Monday-Friday and Luncheon vouchers are provided for all meals on the weekends.
For students staying at Ramsay Hall, the majority of meals are served in a canteen at the residence. From Monday-Sunday breakfast and dinner is provided here, on Monday-Friday lunch is provided at the ULC canteen on the main campus and Luncheon vouchers are provided for lunch on the weekends (breakfast and dinner is still served at Ramsay Hall).

Taught by friendly and professional English teachers
20 x 45 minute lessons per week during morning or afternoon
Placement test on day 1 to ensure students in appropriate level
Maximum 15 students per class
Students will be placed in an international class with students of different nationalities
Modern classrooms across UCL’s teaching buildings
Curriculum with emphasis on communication skills
Materials included as well as an end of course report and a certificate

Programme Information
Students will be welcomed upon arrival at the reception of Campbell East where the main Embassy office is located. They will register and get their room keys and can check in to their rooms.
On the first evening there will be a welcome activity which is designed to ensure students have the opportunity to meet staff and other students and get to know more about the centre, its facilities and useful information which will help them during their stay.
Activities are organised on days when there are no trips or excursions and during evenings, these activities take place either onsite or near the centre.
These may include::
  • Sports such as football, mini Olympics, rounders, table tennis, volleyball and basketball
  • Daytime activities such as scavenger hunts and drama workshops
  • Evening activities such as karaoke, talent show, and team games

Excursions and Trips

 Our students get to explore exciting places around London every weekday, they visit places such as: 

The British Museum
Tate Modern
Tower Bridge
St, Paul’s Cathedral
River Thames cruise
Brighton: enjoy this vibrant popular seaside resort with beautiful architecture, and visit The Sea Life Centre and The Palace Pier.
Canterbury: visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the most visited cities in the UK with medieval buildings and enjoy the gothic architecture of Canterbury Cathedral.
Cambridge: explore this iconic University city famous for its colleges and punting on the river Cam, a visit to the famous King’s College is included.
Thorpe Park: enjoy extreme rides and attractions at this popular theme park.
Oxford: Visit one of the most famous University towns and visit Christ church.
Windsor Castle: the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world.
London evening activities: Choose between bowling, cinema, musicals or attractions like the London Eye and Madame Tussauds.
Each 14 night stay will include a total of 12 local accompanied visits to London with visits/activities and 2 full-day excursions to other major cities such as Cambridge, Brighton and Canterbury. Transport for trips may be by private coach or public transport.
Students may have lessons either in the morning or in the afternoon in week1, alternating weekly after that.
The programme is for illustrative purposes only and is subject to amendments or alterations.

Jun21 / Jul12 / Aug2

Jun22/Jul13/ Aug3Jun23/Jul14/ Aug4Jun24/Jul15/ Aug5Jun25/Jul16/ Aug6Jun26/Jul17/ Aug7Jun27/Jul18/ Aug8
Arrivals/Departuresor visit Greenwich and Maritime Museum or optional trip to Thorpe Park
Testing/Induction or Lessons
Full-day excursion to Brighton with walking tour and visit to Sea Life Centre or Cambridge with walking tour and visit to King’s College
Westminster or other London Walking Tour
London British
Victoria and Albert museum
Harrods and Hyde park or optional visit to Tower of London/ London Eye/ Madame Tussauds
River Thames Cruise
Mini Olympics or Sports in Regent’s Park
18+ Covent Garden by night
Optional Cinema or Bowling

18+ Riverside night walk

Late night shopping. Westfield or Oxford street
18+ Piccadily Circus by night
London-by-night walk
Welcome & Team Games
DiscoQuizKaraokeOptional MusicalDiscoFilm Night


Jun28/Jul19/ Aug9Jun29/Jul20/ Aug10Jun30/Jul21/ Aug11Jul1/Jul22/ Aug12Jul2/Jul23/ Aug13Jul3/Jul24/ Aug14Jul4/Jul25/ Aug15
Arrivals/Departures or visit Camden Market and Primrose Hil or optional trip to Windsor
Westminster or other London Walking Tour
London Natural
History Museum
Tate Modern
Notting Hill + Portobello Market or park or optional visit to Tower of London/ London Eye/ Madame Tussauds
Visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral
Full-day excursion to Canterbury with walking tour and visit to the Cathedral or Brighton with walking tour and visit to Sea Life Centre
Testing/Induction or lessons
Mini Olympics or Sports in Regent’s Park
18+ Shoreditch by night
Optional Cinema or Bowling

18+ Jack the Ripper walk

Late night shopping Westfield or Oxford St
18+ National Portrait Gallery
London-by-night walk
Welcome and Team Games
DiscoTreasure HuntKaraokeOptional MusicalDiscoFilm Night


Jul5 / Jul26 / Aug16Jul6/Jul27/ Aug17Jul7/Jul28/ Aug18Jul8/Jul29/ Aug19Jul9/Jul30/ Aug20Jul10/Jul31/ Aug21Jul11/Aug1/ Aug22
AArrivals/departures or visit Canary Wharf and Docklands museum or optional trip to Oxford and Christchurch
Testing/Induction or Lessons
Full-day excursion to Cambridge with walking tour and visit to King’s College or Canterbury with walking tour and visit to the Cathedral
Westminster or other London Walking Tour
London National Gallery
Science Museum
Museum of London or optional visit to Tower of London/ London Eye/ Madame Tussauds
Visit to the Tower Bridge Experience
Mini Olympics or Sports in Regent’s Park
18+ London night market
Optional Cinema or Bowling

18+ Scary Ghost walk

Late night shopping Westfield or Oxford St
18+ China Town by Night
London-by-night walk
Welcome and Team Games
DiscoScavenger HuntKaraokeOptional MusicalDiscoFilm Night


We place the highest priority on care and supervision at all of our Embassy Summer centres so you can rest assured students are well looked after. Members of staff are available 24 hours a day.
Student Services:
Our student support staff can help you with:
Airport transfers
Information about local services
Assistance with individual and personal problems
Emergency contact
If a student needs medical attention an Embassy staff member will help make an
appointment. Group leaders must accompany the student to an appointment. An Embassy staff member will accompany any student that is not part of a group.

University College Hospital NHS Trust, Rosenheim Wing, 25 Grafton Way, Tel: +44 207 387 6306

If a student does not have insurance, insurance is available to purchase through Embassy Summer.
A safe will be available for the storage of passports, travel documents and deposits.
In Case of Emergency
A 24 hour emergency telephone number is available all summer:
+44 7771 845 978
Office Address
Embassy Summer Schools
Campbell East Hall
5-10 Taviton Street
London WC1H 0BX