EC Virtual Standard

EC Virtual Standard

The ideal choice for working students, this two days per week English language course will enable students to improve their English, at a time of their choosing. Accredited by the British Council, powered by National Geographic Learning, and with access to EC Online to provide an effective and learner-centred English learning experience.

What can you expect on this course?

Why Choose EC Virtual?

1. Smaller Classrooms (10 students max)
2. Collaborative Sessions
3. Classroom Dynamics
4. Curriculum
5. Flexibility


Course Duration
Course duration: 4 weeks minimum
Course start dates
  • 5th Jan, 9th Feb, 16th Mar, 20th Apr, 25th May, 29th Jun, 3 Aug, 7th Sept, 12th Oct, 16th Nov

This course is suitable for students who

EC Virtual StandardEC Virtual StandardEC Virtual Standard