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EC Schools are Reopening

We are delighted and excited to announce the reopening of our schools around the world!
Our EC teams have been diligently working to ensure our schools reopen safely, prioritising the health and well-being of our students and staff while maintaining EC’s excellent standard of English teaching to provide students with the best possible EC experience.

Now, as always, the students come first. We do not settle for the ‘easy fix’. We research, we reflect, and we make decisions based on the best learning outcomes. We are keeping a close eye on national guidelines in all of our locations around the world and will be sharing further detailed information and safety measures as soon as updates are available.

For more detailed information about EC schools reopening and our safety measures, click here and please check back regularly for any changes as local authorities are constantly updating their information. For the most up to date information on which schools are currently open and when the others are reopening, please see our partners site.