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New Monthly Activities at EC San Francisco

Working professional lectures

Beginning in April, these lectures invite students and guest speakers to share their professional experience, e.g. starting your own company, working in an international company, working in a specific industry such as law, accounting etc. Many students are working professionals who can share their knowledge with others, while benefitting from the challenge of presenting such wisdom in English to their peers.

Women’s group meeting

Led by Amanda Marquez, this group follows the success of last year’s women’s group. The meeting offers a safe space for international women to come together and discuss interests, fears, challenges, triumphs, and anything else that drives the conversation. The attendees are students from a range of countries with a variety of abilities.

Volunteering activity
This activity invites students to engage in different volunteering projects each month. Most recently they joined the staff at the Glide Memorial Church to prepare food for the homeless and serve it to the attendees. A well-received activity, that allows them to give back to the community.

Coffee with the director
Students can join the centre director, Ryan Hisamoto, for a coffee and a chat in a local café. Here they can discuss everything from how they`re settling at the school to the recent football scores. A friendly way to meet with one of the faces behind EC San Francisco.