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There are podcasts on almost every subject and the great thing about the is you can listen while you are on the move – perhaps commuting to work or preparing dinner – giving you the chance to be educated or entertained. You can relisten too – unlike a real conversation or class.

By listening, you can hear how words should be pronounced and have the chance to repeat the phrases too. This is a great exercise for emphasis inversion and general pronunciation.

We’ve launched a series of podcasts to help students to learn English, which are designed with a series of phrases for everyday situations. The first series contains 5 episodes of under 5 minutes each. Each episode has 10 phrases. Subscribe to listen to all episodes in order or pick the ones that are most relevant.

Series one covers Asking for directions, Buying groceries, Buying tickets, Shopping for clothes and Visiting a pharmacy

Available in Turkish, German, Russian, Thai, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese , Spanish, Italian, French, Traditional Chinese and Korean, the podcasts are available on all major platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and others.