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Travellers arriving in South Africa are advised to declare their electronic equipment, including cameras and laptops, even if they intend to take these items with them upon their departure from South Africa.

Although customs officials may not always enforce this rule for travellers with standard personal electronics, it is best practice to comply, avoiding potential hassles, delays and requests for payment.

There is currently no specific value threshold for declaring electronic equipment.

Declaration process

Refundable cash deposits or import duties on goods

Ensure your travellers are aware they may need to pay refundable cash deposits or import duties on certain goods brought into South Africa temporarily. Refunds are provided once the goods are shown to have left the country.

You can access the SARS Traveller Leaflet here which provides essential information on prohibited items, restrictions, duty-free allowances, and other pertinent customs details. It is critical that you share this with your clients to review before their travel to South Africa.