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Cambridge Travel Guide and Activities

Ancient, picturesque and famous for educational excellence, it is impossible not to be amazed at the grandeur of Cambridge. Easy to walk around and with beautiful buildings and parks, this prestigious University city also offers a true taste of traditional England.

5 things to see

  • King’s College Chapel
  • Cambridge University
  • River Cam
  • Market Square
  • Botanic Garden

5 things to do

  • Punt on the River Cam
  • Rent a bike
  • Take a day-trip to London
  • Explore the English countryside
  • Relax in a park


The weather in the UK is the topic of many conversations because it is so changeable. it is possible to see sun, rain, wind and clouds all in the same day so it is a good idea to always carry a pair of sunglasses and an umbrella!


Great British Pound (GBP), also known as sterling.

Students can change money and traveller’s cheques at the post office in the city centre. There are several banks on the same street (HSBC, NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland) where they can withdraw money from the atm (cashpoint) machines.

Public holidays falling on a weekday

2022 Public Holidays on a weekday: 03 Jan, 15 Apr, 18 Apr, 02 May, 02 Jun, 03 Jun, 29 Aug, 26 Dec, 27 Dec

Telephone Country Code

International phone cards can be purchased from many of the newsagents in the city centre.


230 V; 50Hz - 3-pin plug

Tap water

Tap water in England is safe unless there’s a sign to the contrary (eg on trains).


Longer-term students are encouraged to register with a local GP upon arrival. If they do not have their Medical Card or are not an EU citizen there is a charge. They should pay the doctor directly and then claim a refund from their health insurance company (where applicable).

If students are not at school and have any kind of emergency they can call 999. This number in an emergency should they need the Police, the Fire Service or an ambulance.

The nearest hospital is Addenbrooke’s, located on Hills Road in Cambridge. This hospital has an accident and emergency department where students can receive treatment for free.


The most popular, cheapest and eco-friendly way to get around Cambridge is to cycle. Should students wish to hire or even purchase a bike there are several cycle shops around Cambridge.

Public Transport Info

  • A weekly bus passes can be purchased on the bus from the driver at a cost of approx £13.00


For Visa information please read Applying for a Visa in UK

Cost of Living

Coffee/cappuccino (Starbucks) £2.00-£3.00
Bottle of water/soda (0.33 litre) £0.80-£1.50
Fast-food combo meal £5.00-£7.00
Meal, inexpensive restaurant £10.00-£18.00
Fitness club (monthly, 1 adult) £22.00-£45.00
Public transport (local transport) £2.50-£3.50 (one-way)
Public transport (monthly pass) £50.00-£60.00

Other Useful Information

Driving Age

Legal age for driving is 18.

Alcohol Age

Legal age for drinking in the UK is 18 and many places will ask for identification if you look below the age of 21.

Smoking laws

Smoking in enclosed public places is illegal in the UK.

Country laws

Students must abide by UK law at all times during their stay. Breach of the law could result in arrest by the police and even imprisonment.


Students must have adequate health, accident and travel insurance while attending any of our programmes.