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Classic Island Day Programme


The Day Programme provides an ideal supplement to a family holiday for young students. Teenagers can learn English, socialise with other students from around the world, and take part in an action packed activity programme.

Classic Island Day Programme

What's Included

  • 20 lessons per week (15 hours)
  • Course materials

  • EC bus to all activities and school

  • Weekday lunches

  • End of Course Certificate

  • Max. 15 students per class

  • Supervised activity programme (per week):
    -5 half-day activities
    -4 evening activities
    -1 full day activity*
    *excluding departure week

Dates available

  • Classic Island Day Programme with activities: 18 Jun - 24 Aug 2018
  • Classic Island Day Programme without activities: 18 Jun - 24 Aug 2018


  • 13 - 17 years

Emergency Number

  • 24 hours: (+356) 9946 7078
    Transport Emergency: (+356) 9924 8774


  • Classic Island Day Programme with activities : 400€
  • Classic Island Day Programme without activities : 300€

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This programme does NOT include accommodation. We recommend that parents book accommodation within easy reach of EC Malta in St. Julian's.

Arrival day


Departure day


Getting to school & activities

  • A private EC bus service will take students to and from school and activities. Students will be picked up and dropped off at the EC adult centre in St. Julian's. Parents should ensure that their children are at the adult centre every morning for the bus.

  • The Day Programme can be booked with or without activities. For those students who would like to join activities, a private EC bus service takes students to and from activities. Those students who do not join the activity programme will be dropped off at the EC adult centre after lunch, where they can meet their parents.


Lunch is served at St. Martin's College from Monday to Friday. Different food stalls will be set up so that students will have a choice of dishes, and each day students can choose to eat from whichever stall they prefer. The options may include fresh salads, pizza, pasta, soup, sushi, and more. Vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free options will be available every day.

Dietary Requirements

If students have specific diet requirements (e.g., gluten free/vegetarian/Halal), EC must be informed of this prior to the student's arrival.

Temperatures in Malta during the summer are quite high; therefore students, need to drink plenty of water. Whilst water is provided during meals, students will be expected to buy bottled water at other times during activities and school. It is important to take this into account when evaluating the amount of pocket money needed.


EC must be advised upon booking of any medical conditions, allergies or medication that needs to be administered to students.

Students must have adequate health, accident and travel insurance while attending any of our programmes. The insurance must be acquired prior to their arrival.

European students travelling with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) are entitled to free public healthcare. Non EU nationals will be charged for public health care. The hospital will ask then to leave a deposit of €100 upon admittance (subject to change); with any additional amounts due to be paid prior to departure.

Students requesting private medical treatment must be prepared to pay approximately €25 to see a doctor; this must be paid at the time of their visit. The doctor's certificate and the payment receipt will be given to the student, who must keep the documents and ensure that they are kept safe. 



  • EC Social Leaders will take care of the students from when they are signed-in up until they are signed-out by the their parents/guardians.
  • Parents need to sign-in and sign-out out their children every day. This needs to be done in the morning before the students go for their lessons, in the afternoon when they come back and before and after any evening and weekend activity.

Learning centre

EC Malta/St Martin's College

Students attend lessons with other EC students at one of our junior centres in St. Julian's or at St. Martin’s College. All schools provide a safe and comfortable environment which is highly conducive to English language learning.Learning centres are fully air conditioned and free Wi-Fi is available.

Course: General English
20 lessons per week (a total of 15 hours)
1 lesson = 45 minutes

  • The course will help improve English language skills by focusing on the key areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening. A strong focus is placed on speech and using the language confidently and fluently.
  • Our teachers make the course interesting and fun with lessons planned around topics designed to stimulate young people.

First Day

On the first Monday of the course, students are picked up by the private EC bus from EC’s adult centre in St Julians at 7:15. They will take a placement test in order to assess their level of English language proficiency and to place them in the appropriate class for their level.

Students will receive a Welcome Pack at their accommodation if the address is provided to EC prior to the student's arrival. Otherwise, students will receive their Welcome Pack on the first day of school. The Welcome Pack contains a handbook with general information about Malta, a virtual map, EC emergency numbers, a timetable, safety instructions, an activity programme, school rules and a student card.

After lunch, students who have booked to attend the activity programme will be taken directly to afternoon activities. Following the afternoon activity, students will be returned by the private EC bus to join their family. Junior Day programme students will also attend evening and weekend activities unless parental permission to miss such activities is provided in writing.

After school and a hot lunch, students who are not attending activities will be taken back to the EC adult centre.

Maximum Class Size

15 students


All students must attend school on a daily basis unless they are genuinely indisposed (due to illness, for example). If the student is ill during school hours, a member of staff will, if required, accompany him/her to the hospital (out-patients).

Educational materials

Course materials are provided; students should bring their own notebook and pen.

Extra Activity

  • Diving 4 half-day lessons of PADI Open Water for beginners and PADI Advanced for experienced divers
  • Sicily Trip Full day trip with a guided tour, including a visit to Mount Etna, the largest and most active volcano in Europe

Sample Programme

  Morning Afternoon Evening
S Arrivals
S Arrival / Free Day Orientation walk
M Placement Test & Lessons Splash and Fun Waterpark Welcome Party
T Themed Lessons Boat trip to CominoBoat trip to Comino
W Themed Lessons Rocky Beach International Night
T Themed Lessons Valletta Visual Show Free Evening / Optional Activity
F Themed Lessons Sandy Beach & BBQ
S Free Morning Sandy Beach Sports Festival
S Free day / Optional Sicily or Gozo (at extra charge) Free Evening
M Themed Lessons Interactive Science Centre and Vittoriosa Foam Party
T Themed Lessons Harbour Cruise & Free evening
W Themed Lessons Mdina & Badger Karting International Night
T Themed Lessons Water Park Free Evening / Optional Activity
F Themed Lessons  Baystreet BBQ
S Departures

Please note: This is a sample programme and changes may occur.
Linked course Indicates linked activity which allows students to practise what they learnt in class that day.

Creative Minds Through Science, Coding and Robotics
18 Jun, 02 Jul, 09 Jul, 16 Jul, 23 Jul, 30 Jul and 13 Aug.

EC's unique set of Premium Programmes are designed to help you build your language skills while increasing and enhancing your capabilities in other areas. These programmes allow you to enjoy an even more personalised experience while setting you on a path to academic and professional success. To view the relevant programme calendar, please click the corresponding link below:

Creative Minds Through Science, Coding and Robotics

  • Any lessons/activities missed will not be made up.

Welfare, Rules and Disciplinary Action

Alcohol consumption

The consumption of alcohol by Young Learners is prohibited for classic programme. Students who consume alcohol risk being expelled from EC and repatriated to their home country at their own expense.


The consumption and/or possession of any illegal drugs will result in the immediate expulsion of the student.


The legal age for smoking in Malta is 18 years. Smoking is not permitted during any part of this programme.

Customer Complaints

At EC, we endeavour to provide our students with the highest possible level of service. If, however, a student is unsatisfied with any aspect of their programme with EC, we ask that they inform us immediately. Most problems are small and can be quickly resolved by our staff members. During the first week of school, all students are given an arrival survey. The survey allows students the opportunity to bring to our attention anything that is not to their satisfaction should they feel unable to speak to us directly. Solutions to any issues will be provided and all necessary parties will be notified when applicable. Students are also requested to complete a relationship survey at the end of their stay so that they have the opportunity to provide EC with general feedback before returning to their home country.


EC reserves the right to expel and repatriate a student at his/her own expense for any reasons including but not limited to the circumstances listed below:

  • Possession and/or use of any illegal drugs
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Malicious damage to school property and/or place of accommodation
  • Being a danger to his/her own safety or that of other students
  • Breaking Maltese law
  • Repeated failure to attend academic lessons and/or activities
  • Disrespect to EC Staff members

In any of the above circumstances, the student will be informed that their stay will be terminated with immediate effect. Simultaneously, EC will inform the student’s agent about the student’s behaviour and the course of action to be taken. The earliest flight available will be booked and an EC staff member will accompany the student to the airport to ensure that the student leaves the country safely. Following such action, EC will terminate all relationships with the student and will be unable to take further responsibility for the student. No refunds will be given to any student who has been expelled.

Course Certificate
Students must attend all lessons and organised activities in order to receive their End of Course Certificate.

In order to manage student behaviour, EC staff may issue a formal warning, notify parents, ban students from an activity/lesson or withhold the End of Course Certificate.

EC may, from time to time, make an exception and allow students outside the stated age range to participate in one or more of the Young Learner programmes. For more information, please speak with your EC contact.