Arrival and First Day - Young Learners

Arrival and First Day - Young Learners

Emergency Number

(For use outside of office hours only)

+1 310 625 1057


The UCLA campus is in Westwood, Los Angeles. Exact address of residence will be communicated before arrival. 

Airport Transfers

  • Students must arrive and depart on Saturdays using EC’s airport transfer service unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. In this case, a No Airport Transfer Waiver must be complete and full arrival or departure details must be provided including name, contact details and ID of person delivering/collecting students and arrival/departure times.
  • Arrival and departure details must be provided at least 7 days in advance. Changes to arrival or departure details (dates, times, flight numbers, etc.) must be communicated to EC. Airport transfers cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled arrival/departure will be charged in full. 

Student Arrivals

Students will be met at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) by an EC representative or a driver. Most students arrive at the international terminal; however, many also take connecting flights within the US and arrival at domestic terminal. Arrival procedures differ as follows:

International Arrivals at LAX: Tom Bradley International Terminal
* Complete immigration procedures and collect luggage
* Exit into arrival lobby
* Find EC representative standing next to large orange banner with EC logo near the exit

Domestic Arrivals: Terminals 1-8

* Complete immigration procedures and exit into the arrival lobby
* Collect your luggage from the carousel
* Find the EC representative holding your name

If you cannot find the EC representative, please call the emergency number. If you do not have a cell phone that works in the US, please connect to the airport wi-fi and contact the emergency number via WhatsApp or Line.

It is vitally important that if students miss flights or are delayed, they contact the EC emergency number as soon as soon as possible to re-arrange transfer and arrival. 

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is typically 30 min – 1-hour drive depending on traffic. 



All classes, dining and accommodation in on the UCLA campus. Walking distances vary from 5 to 20 mins. All students should be able to walk reasonable distances daily. 

EC staff

For the Young Learners Summer Programme EC employs a number of Activity Leaders and Resident Advisors who benefit from a rigorous in-house training programme. Their role is to ensure that students have an enjoyable and safe stay and provide constant support to International Leaders.

First Day

On their first day (Saturday) students must meet in the office to check-in. Students must bring their passport & visa, proof of health insurance, and inform us of their own personal contact details. Students will be given their room key, towels/bedding and any necessary supplies for their residence. On Saturday evening, there will be a Residence Orientation explaining the rules of the residence, fire exits and evacuation procedure, expected rule of behavior including curfew, cleaning & laundry and any other relevant rules and regulations. 

Day Program students are advised to arrive on Sunday morning. Time will be confirmed in writing closer to the start date. 

Welcome Pack

Students will be given a Welcome Pack including: 

* Lanyard & ID card
* Emergency contact details
* Campus map
* Program rules and code of conduct
* Daily schedule
* Weekly activity calendar 

Welcome Talk

On Sunday morning after breakfast, all students will attend a Welcome Talk where all details of the program will be explained. The Academic Manager will explain the timetable, lessons, project work and all academic information. The Program Manager will explain the activities and full day trips, accommodation, dining, rules and expected behavior. After the talks, there will be a thorough tour of the campus including residence, learning centre, dining hall and sports facilities. 

On Sunday evening, there will be a welcome event to help new students make friends with those already enrolled in the program. 

Placement Test

All students will take a placement test to assess their English language ability and place them in the appropriate level. The test covers grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking. The test takes between 1 hour and 1.5 hours to complete. This allows students to make the most of their time and help teachers plan lessons according to the students’ linguistic needs. 

If a Day Program student cannot arrive on Sunday, arrival on Monday can be arranged. However, in this case placement testing takes place during morning lesson time. 


A Young Learners student handbook will be given on the first day at the housing orientation. This handbook contains a map of the school campus, dorm responsibilities and emergency contact information.



Arrival and First Day - Young LearnersArrival and First Day - Young LearnersArrival and First Day - Young LearnersArrival and First Day - Young LearnersArrival and First Day - Young LearnersArrival and First Day - Young LearnersArrival and First Day - Young LearnersArrival and First Day - Young LearnersArrival and First Day - Young LearnersArrival and First Day - Young LearnersArrival and First Day - Young Learners