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EC Washington, DC : Standard Homestay

Photos show samples of available rooms. Fixtures, fittings and sizes may vary.

Accommodation Features

  • Wi-Fi
  • House key
  • Access to laundry
  • Bed linens and towels will be provided
Type of Room
Single / Twin (on request)
Board Status
Half board (Breakfast and Evening meal) B&B (Breakfast only)

Description of accommodation

Staying with a local family is both exciting and rewarding. Host families provide the best insight into how an American family leads their life. This interaction with a family gives you a chance to practice your English outside of school. 
There is no typical host family in Washington, DC – they live in houses, townhouses, or apartments, and the families themselves come from very diverse backgrounds. 
Each room is furnished with a bed, desk, and a closet or dresser.  You will have access to a shared bathroom. Bed linen and towels are provided by the host family. You will also have access to laundry facilities, but should discuss with the family on arrival how laundry and other cleaning is handled. There will also be Wi-Fi but no international telephone calls will be allowed. See the school staff for help making international calls. 
Families may have pets and/or small children. You should specify if you have allergies or any preferences that need to be taken into account. You should also specify whether or not you smoke or if you have any dietary requirements.

Description of local area

Washington, DC is a very diverse city with people from all over America and from all over the world. As well as being a world-famous capital city, it is also one of the oldest cities in the US and is home to many beautiful buildings and historic neighbourhoods. 
The DC area is a great place to learn about government and politics but it also has other attractions. There is a buzzing music scene, trendy shopping districts, the picturesque areas of Georgetown and Alexandria, and food that ranges from chili hot dogs to Ethiopian cuisine. Sports fans can easily enjoy watching baseball, football, basketball, soccer, and ice hockey. There are also renowned theatres, concert venues, and prestigious university campuses. 
The District of Columbia (DC) area itself is fairly small, with a population of about 600,000 residents. The metropolitan area (or ‘metro area’) includes the parts of the states of Virginia and Maryland, such as Arlington and Alexandria and is home to over 6 million people. All our homestays are located in areas that are easily accessible via public transport.

Meal Description

Each American family eats differently. Host families make an effort to adjust the type of food offered to the tastes of the students and take religious beliefs into consideration when preparing meals. Vegetarians or people with food allergies should specify any dietary restrictions at the time of booking so this information can be shared with families prior to arrival.

Breakfast varies from family to family. It is usually self-service and includes bread, coffee, cereal. Hosts are encouraged to offer students whatever is typical for their home.

Students will eat whatever the family eats and help set the table or clear up after dinner.

Dinner is typically served between 5 and 8pm in the US, but each family will inform the student of their dinner time. Not all families will sit down and have dinner together every night - people lead busy lives! However, it is important that you always inform the host family if you will be late or decide not to have dinner. 

Downtown homestays are no more than a 40 min commute to the school and typically require only one form of public transport, either bus or metro. 
Metro Area homestays could be up to a one hour commute to the school and often require two forms of public transport such as bus and train.

Emergency Number

+1 202 909 5873


Year round

Arrival and departure

  • Arrival Day: Saturday 11 AM - 8 PM

  • Departure Day: Saturday by 11 AM
    You must contact the school with your arrival times. If you want to arrive outside of these times, please check with the school.

Host Family Locations

Our host families are located all over Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland. Upper Northwest Washington, DC neighborhoods include Georgetown, Glover Park, AU Park, Cleveland Park, Logan Circle, Foggy Bottom, West End, Dupont Circle, Penn Quarter, Friendship Heights. Virginia neighborhoods include Arlington and Old Towne. Maryland neighborhoods include Chevy Chase and Bethesda.

Journey to school

Most students use public transport to get to school. DC’s public transport system includes both train (rail) and bus. Rail prices vary depending on the distance traveled, and range from $1.75 to $5.90 for a one way journey. The “Trip Planner” tool under “Rider Tools” at can be used to find the exact fare for each trip. Metro Bus costs $1.75 per ride. The DC Circulator bus runs several routes across downtown DC, and costs $1 per ride. 
Weekly and monthly passes for MetroBus and MetroRail are available at the following rates:
•7-Day Regional Bus Pass $17.50
•7-Day Fast Pass $59.25 
•7-Day Short Trip Pass $36
•28-Day Fast Pass $237
Please see for more information about these options. Once you arrive in the school, the staff can help you decide which option is best for you. We recommend that you purchase a SmarTrip card, available at any Metro station, upon arrival for ease of transport (and $1 discount per ride).


  • Internet access available
  • No smoking
  • Families might have pets. Students should state whether they suffer from any allergies upon booking
  • Students will be given a house key