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Intensive English

During the Intensive English course you will improve at a quicker pace. A combination of General English and a selection of special focus classes will allow you to gain greater fluency and accuracy more quickly.



Beginner to Advanced

Course Duration
Minimum stay: 1 week
Course start dates
  • Every Monday

Lessons per week
30 lessons
1 lesson = 45 minutes
Available In
Maximum in Class
  • Malta : max 12 in class
  • Cape Town, Manchester, Brighton, Oxford, Boston, New York, Fredonia, Oswego, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, : max 15 in class. 
  • Bristol, Cambridge, London 30+,London,: max 14 in class

This course is suitable for students who

  • wish to dedicate more time to reaching their English goals quickly
  • would like to personalise their course through a choice of special focuses
  • have a limited amount of time and want to make the most of their stay
  • feel they would benefit from spending more time with a teacher

What can you expect on this course?

More exposure to English

Extra exposure to English in the classroom will enable you to think in English, cutting down on time spent translating from your own language into English.

Core English plus your choice of Special Focus

It's your English course, so you get to decide what you want to study! In your third module you can choose from a number of options. Focus on the areas of your English that you want to improve. This will definitely help you make the most of your time on your English course.

Maximum teacher contact time

More time with your teachers will make you more confident with your English. All lessons are creative and energising, allowing you to feel self-assured.

Intensive focus on all skills

More time in class will allow you to focus on the key skill areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening which will further develop fluency and accuracy through grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Topic based lessons in everyday contexts

With web articles, music, video and other authentic resources, our teachers use 'real-life' materials that not only help you to understand how English is used by native speakers, but these materials help you to study English independently long after you have left EC. Every lesson is based on a topic. English you need to know is taught within the context of the topic. You will then be able to apply your new-found skills correctly in other situations.

A focused yet relaxed classroom environment

Happy students learn better than unhappy ones! That's not a secret, but it's something that we at EC strongly believe. And so our classrooms are places where hard work is carried out in informal and relaxed settings. Your ability and motivation will improve in a classroom with a great atmosphere.


Special Focus Classes

Core English + your choice of special focus
The ability to choose the focus of your 3rd module allows you to personalise your course. In these sessions you will learn specific skills needed for English language success in a choice of subject areas whilst building fluency.

Comparative Culture & Communication
Develop your awareness and understanding of different cultures, and how communication varies between them.

Academic English:
Focus on improving the skills you really need at University such as research, academic writing, taking notes from lectures, and preparing presentations.

Global Citizenship
Learn the appropriate language you need to discuss global issues such as the environment, cultural diversity, equality, industrialisation and globalisation.

Language through Music
Explore music of different types, cultures and eras, and learn the language to discuss it.

Exam Skills
Focus on improving the skills you need for taking standardized exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, and Cambridge Exams.

English in the City

Experience the local dialects, history and famous sights, all while improving your English. This class is for student who want to experience and learn about their host city

Get Talking

Develop confidence, practice your speaking skills and develop fluency as you focus on learning through conversation. 

Write Now

Improve your skills in writing for different audiences, using appropriate language and style. 

World of Words 

Gain inspiration and vocabulary to learn about and discuss real world topics.

Grammar in Real Contexts
Take a closer look at how the English language is structured, with a focus on relevance and appropriateness.

Basic Reading and Writing

Boost your written English skills and develop confidence reading and writing texts.

Film Studies
Develop critical skills by watching, analysing and learning to express your thoughts on different types of film.

Media Studies
Sharpen your analytical skills by studying a variety of news media, identifying fact, opinion and meaning.

Creative Writing 

Explore the creative process. Learn various writing techniques and expand vocabulary in order to tell stories and express yourself creatively. 

Research and Presentations 

Develop the skills of acquiring, synthesizing and presenting information by participating in projects to research and present relevant and informative topics. 

Listen Up! 

Improve your ability to understand English in real situations and expand your vocabulary.