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Efficient, flexible and personalised: add Fusion to any EC course to improve and extend your experience with digital learning technology.

What can you expect on this course?

Fusion is a powerful digital tool that can be added to any EC course.

Featuring over 55,000 hours of high quality content on our online learning platform, plus live tutoring sessions, Fusion allows you to gain confidence and increase your level before you study abroad, and ensures your learning continues after you return home.

With Fusion, online and face-to-face activities reinforce, complement, and build on one another. The approach, known as blended learning, leads to greater success and long-term retention of the new language. You’ll see all this as detailed metrics show your progress towards fluency across the language skills.

Choose between Fusion 12 and Fusion 6 (see below).


  • Get started. Start learning English on our powerful digital platform. You will assess your level, choose your subjects, and monitor how you are progressing in each skill using detailed online metrics.
  • Before you travel. Before you study abroad, you will also attend live online sessions with an EC teacher – including group and private sessions. Choose your session times and private tutor based on your requirements.
  • Your study abroad experience. Once at the EC school of your choice, you will join other students, feeling confident and ready to interact in English. Make even better, faster progress as a result of your online preparation.
  • When you get home. Keep learning online and developing your speaking skills with group conversation sessions. In the remaining private sessions, you can target any language areas you would like to focus on and receive personalised feedback.

See a detailed description of the Fusion Journey here.



  • Learn anytime, anywhere. You can easily access the platform anytime from your phone, computer or any internet-connected device. Your progress is synced and saved everywhere.
  • Smart, adaptive technology. The system adapts and teaches according to your language level and ongoing personal performance.
  • Engaging, authentic content. 55,000 hours of learning content is updated daily from the real world, including news articles from top publishers, such as the Financial Times, Associated Press and Bloomberg.
  • Wide choice of themes. Learning on the Fusion platform is highly effective and motivating, as you learn within subjects that are relevant to you and your interests.
  • Variety of activities. Each unit is made up of a series of lessons, accompanied by various activities that help you practise each skill, to gain a rounded understanding of the language.
  • Grammar guide. This easy-to-use section gives simple descriptions and examples of grammar concepts. If you are lacking in confidence in any area of grammar, you can review as much as you want here.
  • Word bank. All your new vocabulary is stored here. Use flashcards to view the definition and part of speech, see an example and listen to the pronunciation.
  • Live progress tracking. You will have access to detailed progress metrics throughout. Use this information to guide your self-study, and ask your private teacher to focus on these areas too.
  • Official assessment tests. These will test your grammar, reading, listening and speaking skills, and will diagnose where you need to focus and practise most.
  • Official Fusion course certificate. Receive a certificate upon completion of your course and print your own certificate at any point in the course to show your current language level.


Schedule your live sessions with ease, and practise your conversation skills with teachers and other EC students in comfort, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Preparatory group sessions

    Before you travel, participate in fixed group sessions at designated times with students at a similar level, designed to prepare you for your study abroad experience.

    • 45 minutes each
    • max 6 students per class
    • Meet other students of the same level from all around the world
    • Conversation-based to focus on your speaking skills
  • Private sessions

    Both before and after your study abroad experience, participate in personalised private sessions with EC teachers.

    • 30 minutes each
    • Choose a teacher and a time that suits you
    • Send your teacher a note about what you want to focus on along with your booking
    • Receive personal feedback after your session
    • Purchase additional sessions whenever you like
  • Conversation sessions

    After your study abroad experience, join our live conversation sessions offered 7 days a week with native English-speaking teachers and students from around the world.

    • 30 minutes each
    • max 9 students per class
    • Meet other students of the same level from all around the world and practise what you have learned
    • Choose the sessions you want to join based on the different topics that you see in advance



12 months’ online access

8 weeks before study abroad

Study abroad

After study abroad

Must begin at least 9 weeks before your study abroad experience.

  • 16 preparatory group sessions
  • 8 private sessions
  • Self-study

100% flexible dates, duration, destination and course type

  • 4 private sessions
  • Unlimited conversation sessions
  • Self-study



6 months’ online access

4 weeks before study abroad

Study abroad

After study abroad

Must begin at least 5 weeks before your study abroad experience.

  • 8 preparatory group sessions
  • 4 private sessions
  • Self-study

100% flexible dates, duration, destination and course type

  • 2 private sessions
  • Unlimited conversation sessions
  • Self-study