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English in Action

Challenge your new English language skills in a professional environment and earn an English in Action certificate while gaining experiences to last a lifetime. Once you have completed at least 4 weeks of coursework and reached the required level of English, you will be eligible to participate in the English in Action Programme. Your centre staff will support you before, during and after your English in Action placement to make sure you get the most out of your experience.




Course Duration
Minimum of 4 weeks of class followed by 4 or 8 weeks of EiA
Available In

This course is suitable for students who

  • 18+
  • English in Action Placement:
  • 4 weeks - $700
    8 weeks - $900

What can you expect on this course?

There is no better way to prepare for life in the business world than by spending time in a real-world office environment. With English in Action, offered in the US, you will use your English skills to interact with native speakers in an authentic business environment. Placements are in a wide range of sectors including marketing, law, not-forprofit and hospitality.

Reasons to choose this course:

  • Interact with native speakers in a professional environment 
  • Spend 4 or 8 weeks in a company after your English course

English in Action key outcomes:

  • Become confident speaking English in a work setting 
  • Understand more about daily life in US organisations 
  • Gain a new perspective on American work life 
  • Gain life experience in America’s most exciting cities

Pre-Arrival Phone Call / Level Check:
We’ll schedule a phone interview with placement staff prior to arrival to determine the following:

  • Your current English language level 
  • Align your goals to those of the English in Action Programme 
  • Discuss your placement expectation and opportunities

NOTE: If you are starting an English course at a lower level and study at EC for more than 24 weeks, your interview will be scheduled post-arrival


Once you arrive at the EC Centre you will meet with your English in Action coordinator to prepare for your placement:

  • First meeting with coordinator scheduled at least four weeks prior to placement • Ongoing coaching regarding conventional American etiquette
  • Host company introduction two weeks prior to placement • Introductory meeting with host company
  • Acceptance & Start!

Once you start

  •  You will send a weekly status report to your EIA coordinator via email each Friday during your programme 
  • Submit your final report on the last Friday of your programme 
  • Maintain 80% attendance at your placement for the duration of the programme 
  • A professional presentation about your placement on the final week 
  • Receive your Certificate of Completion!

English in Action
• During your programme, you will be required to send a status report to your EIA coordinator via email each Friday.
• You must submit your final report on the last Friday of your programme.
• You must maintain 80% attendance at your placement for duration of programme
• Receive your Certificate of Completion!


Your daily schedule will be established with the host during the meeting and can involve flexible hours. Your placement will be between 20 and 40 hours per week.

Possible duties include entry level tasks, small projects, participating in meetings. Remember to have fun and practice your English to help us track your experience.

English Language Progress:

You will be required to email a weekly status report to the EIA coordinator every Friday afternoon and staff will be available regularly to review and discuss your EIA experience.


You will finish your placement with a professional presentation about your experiences and the organisation you were placed with.

You will receive an English in Action Certificate of Completion if you maintain 80% or better attendance at your placement organisation. The certificate is issued by EC with your host company’s name.

English in Action Placement: 4 weeks $700 8 weeks $900


Is English In Action organised through my school or an external provider? Everything is arranged through the EC English in Action co-ordinator.

Why not just do a general English course and get a part time job and get paid for it? Students cannot legally work in the USA under this type of programme.

Can I do English lessons and EIA at same time? No. You need to do EIA placement after at least 4 weeks of English coursework with EC.

Can I do EIA any time of the year? Yes, EIA can take place at any time of the year, but please be aware that placements overlapping with national holidays will be more challenging and may have less hours overall during holiday periods.

Where will I stay during my placement? You can stay in our EC accommodations or arrange your own.

Will I have to be present on weekends? No.

Who do I contact with concerns or issues during my placement? You can contact your EIA co-ordinator at any time or your contact at the placement company.

What happens if I cancel or quit? If you cancel your English in Action pre-arrival, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel your English in Action booking post arrival, then the standard EC English Terms and Conditions apply. Terms and Conditions can be found on our website.

Can I extend my stay? Yes – you may extend your stay to the maximum your visa will allow you to stay in the country.


Student Testimonial

What company were you placed in?
I was placed in the Expedition America company and I worked there for four weeks.
What was the best part of your placement?
The best part of my placement was the amazing team I worked with. They all were so friendly and kind and with their help I learned how to promote certain events as well as signing students up for their trips. Another great point is that I was in contact with so many international students and that really helped me to get more confident while speaking English.

Would you recommend the English in Action program? Why?
Yes, I would definitely recommend the English in Action program because it is just a complete different experience to practice the use of English with different international students and not just students one knows from class. Another point is that when one works in a company sometimes there are stressful situations and one has to learn how to stay calm and to handle those situations. The English in Action program was very helpful for me because I got some impressions from the real working world and that will also help me with my future job.

Did you face any difficulties? How did you overcome them? 
At the beginning it was a whole new situation for me and that is the reason why I was sometimes a bit nervous to interact with the students, but after some time and the great help of my other colleagues I got used to it and I really enjoyed the contact with other students and at the end I could also help them alone with their questions.

Read more about Laura's experience here.


Laura Helm