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Career English in Practice

Enjoy the exciting opportunity to gain experience with an organization in the USA, where English skills are actively utilized and refined. The Career English in Practice Program places you in a unpaid position,  with continuous support and an official letter of completion recognizing your achievement. 




Course Duration
Students must be willing to volunteer for at least 4 weeks. The maximum length of a student's Career English in Practice Program will vary depending on the placement but must not extend past a student's legal stay in the United States as per the terms of their visa.
Course start dates
  • Every Monday

Lessons per week

Schedule:Semi-Intensive Students

Up to 10 hours/week - Mon - Wed - Fri

Intensive Students

Up to 5 hours/week

Grace Period Students

Up to 20 hours/week - Mon to Fri (maximum 8 weeks)

Available In
Maximum in Class

English course: 15 students

What can you expect on this course?

After your English course, activate your language in a real life professional environment, and gain the skills you need to develop an international career. You will receive ongoing support throughout your placement and an official letter of completion to recognise your achievement. This volunteer position is unpaid.

Registration Requirements

  • Minimum age: 18
  • Completed Student Application due 8 weeks prior to start date
  • Up-to-date resume/CV
  • Full payment of placement fee
  • Students must attend at least 4 weeks of an English course in advance of program commencement

Visa Terms

Students must volunteer in addition to their full time course or at the completion of their course before they return home (during their grace period).

Placement Terms

EC will endeavor to find students a position most closely aligned to their interests, however the school cannot guarantee the location of the placement. We will provide students with a maximum of 2 placement interviews. Should the student not accept either one, then the student may take a position at the EC school. Students will not be refunded their placement fee. If the student is not accepted by either one of the organisations provided, then the student will be offered an opportunity to volunteer at the school or refund the placement fee. Please note that securing volunteer placements can sometimes take up to 8 weeks.


Upon confirmation of completion, students will receive a letter stating their successful achievement. 

Career English in Practice Program Steps

  • Enroll in the program by completing the application, paying the enrollment fee and meeting the program requirements
  • Meet with Program Coordinator upon arrival at school to assess student's interests and opportunities available
  • Attend interviews or orientations with selected organisations/companies. When a desired position is offered, accept
  • Perform duties as agreed upon with the Program Coordinator and the organisation/company providing the position
  • Throughout the program, students are encouraged to keep a journal detailing their experience and have the opportunity to meet with other students enrolled to discuss their experiences
  • In the final week of the volunteer position, send a letter or card of thanks to the organisation/company. Meet with the Program Coordinator for the end of program assessment
  • Receive an official letter of completion from EC
  • At the completion, students are required to complete a questionnaire outlining the quality of their onsite work

Program Placement Fee:

  • $750. Some organisations require an additional nominal charge which students will be made aware of prior to acceptance of their place.